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  1. Boklek

    B>Ws Cape

  2. S> Mforger 85 ea you want L.WS? 20 ea. Phree 5 Inca 10
  3. i want to revive the /bm topic. since having 3 sets is few. since some server has 5 sets. *i preferring the f1-f9 botton when in /bm you can only use the q-o ,a-l, and z-. i suggest that you add 1-9 button in BM.
  4. have a 3 second delay when attacked. you cannot warp with 3 second when attacked by a player
  5. hey victoria. beware of El. =)) He is the former LOVER BOY OF OSFA =))
  7. the chance is nearly the same IF and only it is PVP OFF in tur_dun04. but if it is PVP ON in tur_dun04. ONLY GEARED PEOPLE will get the card. since they WILL ALWAYS KILL the ungeared on "NEWBIE"... do you understand that? if you really want to kill some people. go for_fild01 where there is a lot of people who wants to kill each other. you just want to kill some noobs in tur_dun. since you cannot kill in for_fild01 . just admit it. hahahahahahhh.
  8. is that so, i should suggest that abbey02 will be NON PVP map also. since FBH spawn in the same place
  9. coz i already give you an answer and you didn't absorb it. nab
  10. mini token sucks =(( w
  11. i miss the old days that there is an event every day
  12. THAT'S WHY WE HAVE FOR_FILD01. can't kill the people there? that's why you want to kill the newbie at tur_dun04?
  13. LACK of EVENT TOKENS. so please gm. host an event. havent played H and Seek, Guess the monster and other event for 5 months!!!!!!!!!
  14. sometimes you need to be concern to the newbies. there is still the for fild01 where GEARED PEOPLE Hang out. people who usually hunt boss cards are newbies.
  15. what if you leave your Wiz with auto clicker. and you hold the F1. is that counted as botting?
  16. S/T>SlottedIP|P.emp|StrRunes| S/T>LMTD RedSatan=ProfCurse+High+Voluspa or PALLY BLESS + 2 ASGARD
  17. T>Sinxcurse/ip[1]/fdag/lokiseal/p.emp+toks = ProfCurse + Highness + Voluspa + B.aura + Urds.
  18. SinxCurse IP[1] FDAG LokiSeal P.emp or trade to ProfCurse + Highness + Voluspa + B.aura + Urds. I add toks
  19. Boklek


    S> SinxCurse Lower than him
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