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    Battle Royale
    Battle Royale is held at 08:00:00 server time on mondays, 20:00:00 server time on thursdays. It is a Players vs. Players event in which parties fight to claim supremacy.

    Basic Information:

    • This is an event based heavily on leadership qualities and teamwork, apart from individual skills, effective planning and careful organization.
    • This map has special areas that allow each party to have a small base.
    • Parties will be asked to choose a position to start off in.
    • Throughout the event, parties will be eliminated until only one is left standing.
    • The winning party will then receive some prizes.
    • There are some exclusive items (e.g.: Black Emperium Aurora, Maroon Emperium Aurora, etc...) which are only obtainable by trading off certain amount of Battle Royale Tokens obtained by winning this event.


    • The hosting GM will start announcing the event 10 minutes before the hour.
    • Upon activation of the Battle Royale NPC, you have 10 minutes to make it into the event.
    • Depending on the GM’s criteria, unless you have a fairly legitimate reason to request for a recall, i.e. 3 or more people disconnected due to an unforeseen error, you and your teammates will be recalled back into the event (happens only in extreme circumstances).
    • Many of the same rules apply for this event. Firstly; novices, basilica, kaizel, monster summoning, and hiding in the GM menu will not be allowed.
    • All parties must be in their own area including allies.
    • No multi-party areas are allowed.
    • Also, you must be in a party to participate in this event.
    • There is a 1 hour time limit to Battle Royale, if more than 1 party is remaining, there is no winner.
    • Upon confirmation that everything is in order, the hosting GM will grant a short amount of time (usually 30 seconds to 1 minute) for each guild to make some last minute preparation.
    • May the Last Party Standing win.
    • A GM may make an executive decision at any time as to who the winner of the event is. This decision is to be based on if supplies or numbers are stacked against a player or party of players. In which case the event may be pronounced over with a GM picked winner. A minimum of 30 minutes should pass from when PvP is enabled before this decision can be made.


    • 8 Battle Royale Event Tokens in total; 1 for each person in the Party


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