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June 2023 Change Log

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Hi everyone,

I know it has been a while. Here's the change log for June 2023.

Champion Cursed Ring Adjustment:

Walking speed +15%
Reduce Damage taken from Demihumans by 5%
Reduce Vit def by 10%
HP +10%
SP +10%
Hit +100
Str +20
Dex +20
Atk +5%
Increase damage with Throw Spirit Sphere by 30%
Increase damage with Occult Impaction by 950%

Decrease Asura damage by 200%
Decrease Raging Trifecta Blow damage by 200%
Decrease Raging Quadruple Blow damage by 200%
Decrease Raging Thrust damage by 200%
Decrease Chain Crush Combo damage by 200%

Ninja Dragonist Armor Stat Corrections:
Max HP + 25%
Vit + 10
Int+ 20
Enable use of Level 7 Kaite

Rearrange Castle Flags in Forsaken City - As per active WoE castles

Mystery Token Headgears - Rotation: New ones available are as follows:

  • Hat of Girl - 17407
  • Kawaii Cap - 18367
  • Poseidon’s Headphones - 19611

Lair MVPs are now stronger

Players will be warped out automatically after death in dbz_tour

Blackwitch Raid will now have a captcha

Thanatos Room captcha issue resolved

BG Map Respawn point removed: Players will now move to their last save point if they log out while inside bat_room

Mallina Card is now enabled on different maps


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