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June 2021 Change Log - Introducing "Dungeon of Wickedness"

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  • Added Dungeon of Wickedness Raid at turbo_room 69 134

-Party leader will earn 100 fame points for completing the raid.
-Party members will earn 50 fame points for completing the raid.
-10% drop rate of Badge of Vanquished Wickedness after killing the MVP Boss.

  • Added Divine Headgear Exchanger NPC at for_bar 246 296

Required items:
1 Divine Headgear
3 Mithril Coins
25 Tierra Tokens
25 Flavius Tokens
1 Imp Token
2000 Blood Thirst
1 Badge of Vanquished Wickedness

  • Aqua Aurora requirements are adjusted to 25 PVP Tokens, 1 Imp Token, and 200 Dragon Tokens.
  • Increase drop rate of MVP Loot Box from 0.10% to 5.00%
  • Increase HP stats to 10% on the following Limited Edition Ice Emperium:
    -Limited Edition Majestic Purple Ice Emperium Aurora
    -Limited Edition Maroon Ice Emperium Aurora
    -Limited Edition Azure Ice Emperium Aurora
    -Limited Edition Umber Ice Emperium Aurora
    -Limited Edition Jade Ice Emperium Aurora
    -Limited Edition Mint Ice Emperium Aurora
    -Limited Edition Rainbow Ice Emperium Aurora


  • Fixed weight issue on Legendary Weapons.
  • Fixed sprite issue with Limited Edition Black Cat Ears.
  • Fixed issue of MB and Voke skill in BR and GVG map.
  • Fixed issue with MVP Invasion.



Coding and fixes by Genesis
Thanks to GM Hallow and GM Instinct for testing
Thanks to GM Night for the preview

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