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April 2021 Change Log

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  • New Login Screen
  • Dragon Armor Exchange NPC is now available at turbo_room 128 97

Requirements: 1 Dragon Armor + 1 PVP Token + 150 Dragonist Token + 15 Mithril Coin

  • New Colors for Divine Headgears added to Token Trader NPC
  • Updated Mystery Token Headgears
    • Item# 18355 - Ancient Warrior Helm
    • Item# 17575 - Cow Girl Hat
    • Item# 19142 - Pikachu Hood
  • Shadow Aura is now available in Token Shop
  • Updated description of all Limited Edition Ice Emperium, Limited Red, Violet, Sky Blue, Blue, Purple, Pink, Gray, Green, Orange, Amber, and Gold Emperium to Max HP + 7%, Increase damage to Demihumans by 4%, All stats + 33
  • Increased delay on using Aspersio Skill
  • Fixed Issue of new ship captain hat variant. (Set as non-trade item)
  • Fixed Thanatos Room issue
  • Disabled the use of skill Teleport and Memo at for_map15 and for_map18
  • Latest Valkyrie Expansion Headgears can now be converted to Limited Edition
  • Adjusted Guild Cap inside WoE Castle to 15 players.
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