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September 12 Change Log

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  • Divine Might Adjustment
  • Added Protect Cloth as an option in Volund
  • SinX Blessed Ring Variants adjustment
  • Gunslinger Blessed Ring Variants adjustment
  • Lord Knight Cursed Ring Variants adjustment
  • Lord Knight Black Halberd adjustment
  • Added Azure Ice Emperium Aurora in Golden Mystery Box
  • Fixed bug in Casino Bartender Consumable items
  • Fixed bug in Priest Guardian Ring variants
  • Added Pink Ice Emperium Aurora and Black Ice Emperium Aurora as reward in Battleground KVM
  • Whitesmith Guardian Ring re-stat
  • New Collectible: White Cat Hood
  • Recolor: Minstrel/Tempest/Hurricane/Aqua Aurora
  • Fixed Lord Knight Infernal Cape variants doing more Brandish Spear damage
  • Bundle Promo in Token Shop for Accessories
  • New Loading Screen
  • Skull Hood added back to Token Shop


Information about the changes are all posted in our Discord group under #Development


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