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MSC: May 2020: Cinco de Mayo

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Cinco de Mayo

Start date: May 1, 2020

End date: May 31, 2020

Read the mechanics, and follow the rules! Post your screenshots here with your own creative caption!

Let's celebrate Cinco de Mayo together as a community!

Come and grab your friends !! Prepare your margaritas, and eat a lot of TACOS!!

Do not forget about your sombreros!!! Grab some tequila at the Casino and try to win the slots!

Share your Cinco de mayo plans with us! You can now submit your entries.


screenForsakenRO Test Ser005.jpg

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Cinco de Mayo aka Anniversary of the battle of Puebla has been one of the most celebrated battle in Mexican history. Despite the technological advancement of the opposing military, Mexicans were able to make French withdraw the battle. Here's my little parody reenactment of the battle.



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Let me join!

Let me join! 

One Tequila ?

Two Tequila ??

Three Tequila???

Floor. ☠️

fc42e432-02cf-496a-9ef8-0df553d6bcb3 (1).png

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Theme: Cinco de Mayo

Date: May 2020

Entries: 4


3rd Place:

  • Forum name: ForsakenKapre
  • In-game name: ForsakenKapre
  • Entry: Click Here to view
  • Prize: 70 Event Tokens  

2nd Place:

  • Forum name: Basura Man
  • In-game name: Basura Man
  • Entry: Click Here to view
  • Prize: 100 Event Tokens 

1st Place / Champion:

  • Forum name: Lzaegis
  • In-game name: LzAegis
  • Entry: Click Here to view
  • Prize: 150 Event Tokens
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