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October 5th 2019 Changelog

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  • There is now a 10 minute account based cooldown for Tierra and Flavius.
    • Our goal was to decrease the amount of farming you can do.
  • Added new Fall login screen.
  • Readded enchantment books to Tierra and Flavius. 
    • We want to revitalize these events and make them worthwhile. 
  • Taekwon Cursed Ring is now giving Str + 20, instead of + 40.
    • This was a bug.
  • Star Gladiator Cursed Ring is now giving +20 Str and +20 Agi, instead of +40 Vit 
  • Battle Royale, GvG and PvP Ladder Auroras now give: stats gives All stats + 33 , Max HP + 10% , Increase Demihuman damage by 4%. (It gives 1 more HP than the new WoE Shard Auroras, but doesn't give the reduce element reduction)
    • We want to keep the New Shard Auroras viable, but we also didn't want to decrease participation in BR and GvG. Specially considering how hard those auroras are to get. We believe this is a happy balance.
  • Emperium Race Event is now on a custom map.
    • This makes the event viable, it was broken before due to the WoE map change.
  • PvP can now be enabled or disabled in the Dice Event map.
    • Feature requested by GMs.
  • All legendary weapons now give 90% of the effect of their donation counterparts.
    • This is a huge buff to new players, we want to make it easier to start and get into PvP/Events/WoE. This was a huge undertaking for us, it took a lot of time to do.
  • Readded Dota announcer to for_fild01, Event and Castle maps.
    • This was not meant to be removed, sorry about that.
  • Added functionality to Bravius in order for it to show you what enchantments you already have.
    • Player suggested feature on discord, great idea!
  • Whitesmith Blessed rings were giving incorrect stats.
    • The item was giving + 30 strength, when it needed to give + 35.
  • Increase the stats of all Non-Donation Rings to be 90% of their donation counterparts.
    • This, along with the Non-Donation Valkyrie weapon changes is a huge buff to new players. We hope to continue to close the gap a little bit. The goal is to benefit the server as a whole from a large amount of players, who previously would not be able to PvP effectively, to participate.
    • Please provide us more feedback and suggestions on how we can head towards that goal.

Thank you to everyone who helped with these changes!

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