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ill try my best hehe ^_^


Stat Build:

Str = 280+, make it divisible by 10 when u use Falcon eyes from Machoman's Glasses.
Dex = total of 150, for no cast.
Agi = total of 195 aspd without any buffs or stat food being used.

Luk = 1

Int = 1

Vit = rest of stat points.

Equips and Cards:

Upper Helm: Striking Helm. KIEL

lower helm:  Guardian Ninja. KIEL


Upper Armor: GR and TAO GUNKA

Cloak: SINXcard and Skoll.

Boots: 2x FBHcard

Acce: Lokis w/Runes

Shield: Friggs w/ GTB and another friggs for switch.

weapon: L. Ninja[2tg 2mao] <- vs GR users. [2tg 2skel]<- good for all types of armor, [2tg thana skel] <- switch for high def targets.


since u dun wan to be an FS type ninja, i have suggested the combo of Guardian Ring + L.ninja . this is to maximize the dmg of Throw skills. but u will still have high amount of HP, a bless ring and Shippy hat switch will do the trick to be an FS type.. this is if u think the target is not on GR.


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Trys will nullify the effects of guardian Ring. so lets go L.ninja.
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