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  1. Hey if the you are confident that you know you have killed the correct monster but it doesnt add up in your TK Mission, just try and change the given mob to be killed. voila thats it ^_^. How to do that?? Re-use the skill "Taekwon Mission" until it does. ^_^
  2. now: Hi!


    seconds later: bye. 


    just passing by. oh lala....

  3. or go 7 theres an NPC named "Chef Assistant"
  4. oh yeah another forgotten build... Ninja C Ring was a good class back in the old days..the damage and spam is really good. It can use Ice Spear(single burst) and Kamaitachi(FAS like MATK). the thing is... ninjas has something deviant and has to be fixed... it is to make the catalyst unlimited(stones required for its skills.), just like in Kunais/Shurikein(ThrowSkills), Snipers(arrows), Gs(bullets), Prof/Priest(Fking Cloak: doesnt require GEMs for certain skills). for the dmg boost.. we need someone who is a user of Ninja C(matk) for his/her comment. maybe @Maiimaii can share her experience on this.
  5. Same points for me. E Coat+ reject sword would be OP in terms of survivability.
  6. I believe what you are requesting was already suggested before. And it is a renewal feature which fRO(pre-renewal) cant have.
  7. would you please provide some screenshots of BEFORE and AFTER wearing it? the screenshot should include an Open ALT+Q and ALT+A .
  8. Adding Lvl10 Weight limit is not a bad thing.. so why not? hmmm but you are comparing 2 different types of weapon. Striking Eagle, normally used for BattlePriest, tends to have a higher BASE STR. The Higher the BASE STR the higher the WEIGHT CAPACITY. On the other hand, the L.Priest Book(quest) or the Eirs Book(donate) is normally used for Int/MATK/HolyLight builds...
  9. This seems okay. +1 for the 1-time re-enter of the leader.
  10. making it SP + 150 or +200 would be good since BB skill consumes 22 sp/44 sp(while wearing GTB) @Ebisu @Penthesiliea @Veracity @Genesis
  11. Guardian Ring: +20 Str +5% attack +20% Brandish Spear Dmg +20% Spear Boomerang Dmg Curse/Bless Ring: +20 Str +15% attack. Weapon Cards: Incan + 2 Turtle Gen + Skel Worker Case1: while wearing Guardian Ring vs a fully geared target, DMG OUTPUT of BRANDISH SPEAR is around 71k Case2: while wearing Guardian Ring vs a fully geared target, DMG OUTPUT of SPEAR BOOMERANG is around 44k Case3: while wearing Curse or bless ring vs a fully geared target, DMG OUTPUT of BRANDISH SPEAR is around 76k Case2: while wearing Curse or bless ring vs a fully geared target, DMG OUTPUT of SPEAR BOOMERANG is around 46k @Genesis @Veracity @Penthesiliea @Ebisu Why is C or B Ring(15% attack) has a higher Brandish and Spear Boomerang Dmg Output compare to G rings(5%attack, + 20%Brandish Spear, +20%Spear Boomerang)?
  12. @Penthesiliea GM, is this already fixed? about the Nerthus Shuriken being Nullified by the Ninja G Ring.
  13. Was wondering about those Runes, particularly Sinx and Sniper. Are they different from the ones compounded on Boots(sinx rune) and Weapon(Sniper Rune)? Or the former will be replaced by these new ones? Edit: Added Question
  14. OBJECTIVE - Open registration for gvg. So no random 1 man guild will pop out of nowhere to participate in GVG. IDEA - Added transparency. Hosting GM will announce the participating guilds. Guild 1, leader, number of members; guild 2, leader, number of members...and so on if there are more than 2 guilds paticipating. Add a minimum participant limit. The event is called Guild vs Guild. not 3v5/4v8. This is to promote better competition. Of course with the added gvg stipulations there will still be holes. So add a punishment for game fixing or using a dummy guild filled w/ alts. Once a proper guild vs guild is held, hosting GM should announce the winning guild, leader and prize given. Team - @Danger @Genesis Result - promote a balance competition. promote transparency. registration may be an added job for the GMs but its worth the check. communication will be a Key(discord)
  15. guardian lk, stalk, clown and gip will be more OP.. cant wait to play them hehe dragon ball super update on helms = <3 4 thumbs up
  16. Objective - to make the control panel reasonably secure. Idea - The current ForsakenRO Control panel has a feature wherein you can see the Email Address Used and change the Email Address. Those 2 should not be accessible unless you have Access to the Email Address Used. - I suggest that you make the Email Address used to be NOT VISIBLE and the "Change Email Address" more secure by adding a CODE sent to the OLD Email Address. Team - @Genesis @Veracity @Dream @Yatogami @dlsmizel Results - this should lessen or prevent total Hacking(Account ID Email Address)
  17. -1 TK gears should stay as it is. Bless ring = Good dmg but can only dmg single targets while Curse ring has lower dmg but it has 5x5 AoE+Better HP%. 1 Year of playing Project Daedalus and im telling you Curse Ring is OP when it comes to Crucial last seconds of WOE.
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