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High Priestess Magaleta's Seed/berry/cspeed Farming Build

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Str: all extra stats go here

Agi: not so important. but can reduce some delays.

Vit: you really don't need much since you just need GTB here to anti WIz

Int: at least 280 but preferably 300 to max out the damage of ME

Dex: at least 150, with stats from items.

Luk: leave it. :th_ok:



headgears that either increase stats or increase MATK/Magic Attack

Upper: F.Valkyrie Helm/F.Knight Helm with 2 Kiels

Middle: Any Aura's with 1kiel/HWC

Lower: Blessed Ring, Balloons, Scarf


You can use any of the sets like F. King, Vote F.King and F. Knight. As for the weapon either Use the L.Priest Book or Eir's Book of Exorcism,

about accessories you can use Int gaunts, Int belt, or Urds


Armor: Tao Gunka Card/ Ghostring card with Hatii Card (so cannot be killed easily by the monsters) or Agav/Entweihen Crothen

Cloak: 2 Rays

Boots: 2 FBH

Shield: GTB of course

Weapon: Kingring Card


Main skill would be ME / Magnus Exorcismus since all of the monsters are Demon Race

All buffs eg. Blessing, Agi, Angelus, you don't really need to buff :th_ok:

I'll try to update it if possible. I need to test out more cards if it works :)

opinions/criticisms are welcome :)

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