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Need Some Help With My Soul Breaker Gear/build

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Hello Forsaken RO players

I've recently made a Soul Breaker Build I'm doing around 41k Damage with my SBK on mobs, however when I go against players it goes down to 6~10k usually.

My Gear:

Upper-Headgear: Valkyrie Helmet with 2x Kiel Cards

Middle-Headgear: LHZ aura with 1x Kiel Card

Lower-Headgear: Freebie backpack

Armor: Forsaken King with Tao Gunka and Ghostring

Garment: Forsaken King with 2x Raydric

Shield: Forsaken Knight with Usakoring

Boots: Forsaken King with 2x Green Ferus

Weapon: Loki's Cursed Blade with Samurai Spector

Accessory: crap

My Stats:

Str: 256 + 74

Agi: 60 + 81

Vit: 50 + 65

Int: 208 + 55

Dex: 120 + 50

Luk: 3 + 58

I don't really get my damage goes that far down, with samurai spector I should bypass defenses. And even with Shield and Usakoring card they only get around 55% Damage redux.

I'm using Cursed Water as my converter atm. So I suppose I could have been unlucky with shadow defense?

I'm not using any %Demi-Human cards since I assume that won't help anything, since I'm using Soul Breaker or is it different here?
Same goes for Fallen Bishop since it only applies on magic attack, which Soul Break shouldn't be.

Hope someone with a little more experience on what is custom on this server and what is relevant for Soul Breaker can give me a few tips to guide me toward having decent damage.

I realize with some of the custom accessories and maybe Zipper bear cards in my Sword, my damage will get slightly higher, but still it shouldn't be something that makes my damage go from 6k - 30k I assume.

I assume I've missed some serious point about Soul Breaker damage possible.

Thanks for reading this and hopefully giving some help as to how I can fix my build.

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