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Need A Good Ts Ninja Guide.

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i've been good with other characters, ninja is completely new to me. i'm basing it off other stats i've seen from the other "guides"


str 25X+XXX

agi 195 aspd

vit the rest

int 0

dex 150

luck 0

I have the full arrangement of gears, 2 tgs skel worker samurai in my L.shuriken and im using an arrangement of kunai

still only dealing like 6-8k a hit. ive seen others hitting closer to 15k a hit. and without a thana. any help someone can give me? something to change?

meant to say TK build. throw kunai.. sorry.

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ive tried that one, problem is he even post's at the end of it, its not much use have to have the guide. im just looking for an experienced ninja player to bestow alittle knowledge.

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you ship captains hat and bless ring for max damage... -_- better use tyr not l,ninja for good damage and loki's seal with str rune...

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