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Where Can I Find This Items

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As I told you in the other thread, speed potions are named Forsaken Speed Potions and are ID 15806. They can be acquired from the Speed Room which you need a Speed Pass to enter, you can get it from the Renter NPC in the Trader Room. Authoritative Badges are dropped by Sohee and Greatest Generals. Cursed Water is dropped from Violy and Fake Angel. You can use the @whereis command to find where these monsters spawn. For future reference, the @whodrops command can be used to find what monsters drop an item, then you can use @whereis to find the monster's location. :)

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Authoritative badge

Speed potion

curse water

help me where can i find this what map and what @ali for this items tnx

Are you referring to the regular speed potion or the concentrated speed pot?

CW - Gefenia

AB - GreatestGen's.

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