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  1. I miss you! <3

  2. Ryuk


    You can only leave jail by being in the jail and ONLINE throughout the given jail-time. So you just have to be logged in on the jailed character and wait. You get in jail by breaking the rules which have been linked earlier in this topic.
  3. Ryuk

    [Solved]Ip Ban?

    If it gets to your characters it means you're not IP banned. However if it fails to connect after selecting your character you seem to have no access to the mapserver. In that case I would recommend you to reset your router and see if that helps. If you can't get to the character selection screen then your IP might be banned. In that case, create an ticket.
  4. Ryuk

    Manual Patch Guide

    It's because the amount of downloads had been exceeded. I uploaded the newest files now. Enjoy.
  5. It's practise, ping,kiels and aspd. All matter with the champ spam. As for lowering your ping. There's complicated ways but mostly it's just either getting a better connection or moving closer to the server.
  6. Ryuk

    Manual Patch Guide

    Updated as of today (25/12/2012). Merry Christmas everyone. Enjoy your holidays and enjoy the new update!
  7. Welcome to the server! I'm afraid even though you're an angel I still prefer my earthly apples. But we can still be friends! Dear Angel, Each player is special, just like every apple. You just met Ryuk, there's no reason to tremble. Apples have a lot of similarities with players. Apples are round. Some players are too ! Apples are tasty, tastier than you! That's only a few examples of how awesome and similar apples and players can be, How do I know some players are tasty you ask? You just wait and see! Now then, I think it's time for you to get started in the marvelous Shini.... I mean Ragnarok globe! Open your eyes and take your first steps, 'cause it is here that you will find find friendship and hope. To Forsaken City you go! Meet people, come on now don't be shy! Every player takes this step, eat an apple. There's no reason to cry.
  8. Ryuk

    Manual Patch Guide

    Updated as of 09-11-2012 As my current uploading site is starting to make use of annoying advertisements surrounding the real download button, I'll be searching for a different uploading site once again. For now, make sure you click the right link not one of the advertisements!
  9. Ryuk

    Manual Patch Guide

    Manual patch still has to be updated. Will do so later today.
  10. Noir recently returned ! you should see around now ! Better use good stalking skills though ! Noir's evil ! ;D
  11. Yup keep an eye on the item descriptions :) After a certain level the starter sets decrease your stats instead of increase so keep an eye on them ! I'll consider this solved. :)
  12. Do your proper cloth colors actually load or are you stuck with the basic color on your character ? (if you can see your character). Seems to me that you disconnect right after logging in. Does this happen constantly ? As in every single time you log on or not ?
  13. Ryuk

    This Or That?

    My lips are sealed ! Scrambled ! Dancing or singing ?
  14. Ryuk

    This Or That?

    1 pound of feathers cause you can lay down on those :3 Milkshake or ice cream ?
  15. No problem! PS. Adding Ryuk and apples as a third and fourth love helps too!
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