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Found 1 result

  1. Here you will find the link to the latest patch. This is intended to be used if you are having problem patching Forsaken-Ro through your ForsakenRo Patcher. Before you do this, you better make sure that you have our full installer, installed. Follow the following easy steps to get a successful manual patch. 1. Download the following file from this link: http://www.sendspace.com/file/qfg6hf (After reaching the page click on the file name to start the download) 2. Extract the following files in your Forsaken-Ro Folder. 3. Overwrite everything that it asks you to overwrite. 4. Run your Forsaken-Ro Patcher, and let it patch any extra file if there is any. When it says "Patch process completed. Enjoy playing Forsaken Ro" you are good to go. 5. Try logging in and you shall be error free. Side note: The link to the manual patch will be updated every time a new update is released. [GM]Decode used to update the files most of the time, I will be updating them from now. If you still error after trying these files feel free to create a topic in this support section.
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