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  1. I'm a hardcore farmer and I find it hard to trade and store some usable items because of the weight and quantity. I'd like to propose adding more convertibles to the ticket exchanger like all types of boxes: BoSunlight, BoResentment and the like. Also Alovera, holy water and the like. :D
  2. Also S>VitRunes and IntRunes [180]pair Please leave IGN here! Thanks! :th_ok:
  3. I'm actually confused at the description of TGK card. I don't know if the modified effect is the one working or the original. The card has dual description. Also, what about the scriptless items like the drops of the MVP in lhz_dun04 and the monster drops in izlude
  4. Hi there, we will having event first 200player to log in will be given free random aura just login here, www.forsaken-ro.weebly.com

  5. S/T> Pinkrop[1.3] + 100 = Pinklhz
  6. I honestly don't get what "The stat increase of the Forsaken Knight set and Forsaken King set depending on your rank" means. What is the rank?
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