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Rayray's Biochemist Guide :d

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Since people seem to look for guides, I decided to make one myself as well. Seeing Kuoch updated his sniper guide as well, it made me want to write one, since people are starting to ask me in-game about biochemists.

What is a Biochemist?

Biochemist is technically a magic class. Basically most people will say it is all spam of Acid Demonstration and bolts and I kinda agree to it. However, if that is all you want to do, I would suggest you make a full bolter prof since that has better burst damage than us Biochemists. Although if you like the idea of never having to dual client just for fcp and the ability to break someone's armor and piss them off to no end, then read on :)

.What you need to know before playing Biochemist?

First of all, Biochemist can be awesome in both Excalibur and Kingslayer PVP. We don't really need much gears to be effective, even a knight set would really do. The most common combo of ND gears would be piamette ears and improved scarf which works magnificently. The downside of a Biochemist is the lack of fun things(a.k.a cards) to put in your headgears. You always need to have 3 kiels equipped at all times. This can be bothersome. Having a finite supply of bottles for acid demonstration also poses threat when pvping for long periods of time. Unlike Snipers, Bow Stalkers, Gunslingers, Clown and Gypsy who have unlimited supply of arrows or ammo, we have limited bottles which drains 2 bottles every cast of AD. It also hinders you to bring as much seeds/berries as you want, which means you need to be able to get stuff from your cart in pvp.

Gear Requirements

To be able to pvp well as a biochemist, you need at least:

-A Knight Set, preferably a forsaken king set, vote or real doesn't matter
-Either the legendary bio mace or Jormungandr's Rage. Preferably 2 of each.
-Int Gaunts if you are low on funds, Int belts if you have them already, Urds Earrings would be better
-Something to make you see Cloaked people(horong accessory, headgear that give sight lvl 1)
- at least 3 kiels, if you have silver kiels I won't advice you to go Biochemist
- Ring of Resonance(Blue Ifrit Rings)


Basically, a Biochemist must distribute stat points to every stat except luk. This basically means that doing the Knight Quest Part 1 which gives the +200 stat points is essential

STR- at least 50-100. with 50 str, I can carry around 200 seeds + 700 bottles of each. if you think this is too low, feel free to add more here. I made it so like that since I can put seeds from my cart to inventory quiet fast.

Agi- Enough for 195 aspd, add dex first]
Vit- depends on the user's gear, at most you need 220k hp with dual raydrics/deviliing cloak equipped
Int- Around 250-290 Base Int, unlike str, Int doesn't give a bonus matk if total is divisible by 10.
Dex- total of 150
luk- unless you plan on critting someone, leave it at 1.

Gear Setup

Helm- if you are using knight helm, forsaken king helm or any 2 slotted helm, put 2x kiel in it. if you are using piamette ears, put kiel in it.

Middle- Any Aura you can get, put kiel in it, preferably Butterfly Aura or Emp. Skull Aura if you need a bit more defense against champs

Lower- If you are using piamette, use scarf and put kiel in here. If not, since you already have 3 kiels with the helm and aura, you can use Sacred/Fluffy/Royal Angel. If you have the Biochemist Cape, then use it and put maya purple card. any lower headgear with a slot, put maya purple in, having an extra one with forsaken soldier might help, but not necessary. The best of course is the Blessed ring as it gives you access to heaven's drive(hence you are immune to maya).

Armor- I advice at least 2. One with GR+Tao, other with Tao+Tao. using angeling might help, but don't use it against a sniper or bow stalker, it is so easy to switch to a shadow armor and burst you to death. having RSX armor against snipers can help as well. Puppetring Tao and RSX Tao helps a lot.

Weapon- if you have two JRage, you are rich and I would want to stab you in your sleep. but in case you did have, put 4x Kingring cards on one, the other put Phreeoni, Thanatos Maero, Dragoon Warlord, Valkyrie Randgris, Metaling card or any annoying card you can think of. I personally use Phree, Stormy Knight, DW and Valk. My reasoning behind it is :

-phree makes your hit 505 with 150 dex, meaning you can hit people with cart revolution. This is useful for pushing people off their pneumas so you can hit them with acid bomb.
-Stormy Knight, dragoon warlord, and valk randgris Auto casts their effects if you get hit at melee range if you have something that reflects physical attacks(Friggs Shield, Skull Aura, Avian wings). The dispell alone helps against melee sinx. Also, since you have stormy knight, the moment someone can be frozen, you can just use acid terror on them

-4x Kingring for matk, switch to it if you are using bolts, then default the other weapon mostly.

If you only have one, don't use kingrings

Shield- Friggs would be the best(you need the extra hp) if not, knight shield and king shield would do. you need 2-3, usakoring, gtb and maya.

Cloak- at least 2, one with 2x skoll, 1 with 2x rays or 2x devilings. I prefer having rays than deviling since for me having skull aura+Friggs shield + Biochemist Cape already gives me huge reducts against asura. and at least it doesn't make me vulnerable to a champ+prof gang.

Boots- have at least 2, preferably 3. cards to use are 2x antique firelocks, 2x FBH(for bolting) and the annoying kyrie combo of Dragoon Wizard+ Amon Ra card(if you mainly use ring of resonance to get assump, remove dwiz combo as kyrie do not stack with assump)

Accessories- If you have Urds earrings, either put Imp cards or Siroma Cards in them(depending on which bolt you really like). if not, just use int gaunts or int belts(int gaunts if you need the extra weight you gain since gaunts are lighter than belts, and +10 int isnt that huge mostly)


I Prefer Lif over all the other Homunculus in this server. For the reason it has the Urgent Escape Skill which boosts your movement speed.

PVP against other classes

I won't go in real detail. Most of this you will learn if you don't quit on your Biochemist once someone slaps on RSX armor or uses FCP. Most people nowadays quit at their biochemist once they can't kill a certain class. People, no class can beat every class, nor anyone can beat everyone. Especially now that new pvp rooms debuffs you, if it is at for_fild however, an LK with FCP can give you a problem, since it is widely believed that LKs are the most OP class in the server right now.

But here are some tips i can give you new guys.

Rayray's general rule of initiation with bio: START WITH BOLTS UNLESS YOU ARE SURE THEY DO NOT HAVE FCP. This works a lot due to the fact that your bolts have higher single bolt damage than any magic class(Imp/Siroma increases bolt damage, and your JRage does it too).

-Always FCP yourself if you plan on PVPing. dedicate at least an hour or so for farming FCPs.
-Homunculus can be a shield. I personally summon them(and not move) when fighting SB sinx or Asura Champs, 50% chance they will hit my homunculus and that small mistake can kill an SB sinx within a few spams.
- Check your supplies, a biochemist without bottles is mostly dead.
- Pick your battles. if you are starting to learn biochemist, dont go almighty and hit someone you know you can't kill, you don't get better that way, it just makes you pissed off and make people hit you until you get out of for_fild. Most newbies go in for_fild and randomly hit someone, and when someone kills them, they rage and ask "why kill me". DO NOT SHAME THE BIOCHEMIST CLASS, IF YOU DO I WILL PERSONALLY HUNT YOU AND MAKE YOU LISTEN TO 24 HOURS OF JUSTIN BIEBER SONGS. CONSIDER IT TORTURE.
-going in pvp maps as a biochemist makes people think you are an fcp buff bot. 2 things can be done
*be a dear and give them fcp
*spam acid demonstration on them, knowing full well they dont have fcp
-in woe, put bombs on the floor when defending, works well in narrow passageways, when they show up, spam acid demonstration
- Acid terror carry over status effects. so having a dagger with 4x stormy knight and throwing acid terror to someone that can be frozen works great.
-Equipping Blue Ifrit rings is awesome if you cant kill someone with your damage, hope for the random tarot :)

- NEVER UNDERESTIMATE ACID TERROR. That skill has something that makes it unique for us biochemists. I will leave it to your imagination guys( you wouldn't expect me to spoil everything). Again, there is one situation that you will ALWAYS encounter that acid terror will shine. :)

But since people asked, I will put basic information on fighting against most classes

Biochemists: One of the most boring fights ever. Biochemists both with FCP will take a long time to finish. If needed, use blue ifrit ring to gain an advantage. If you are hybrid and can go near, spam mammonite(he probably will use raydric anyway). If he does good magic damage, it means he is on full int build and is using imp/siroma card. Figure out what what bolt it is, use the proof potion against it and equip 2x noxious. If it is one on one, just use gtb+ dual devs and you will win, but that is cheap so I use the noxious.

Champ: annoying if he has good ping, easy if not. He has int so his mdef is pretty high, mostly you will deal 3k-4k bolts while you deal 6k-7k to others. Acid bomb to hell, if he pneuma just bolt or use cart revolution. mammonite if hybrid but make sure you have fsoldier on.

Sniper: just do not wear GR armor, wear puppetring if he uses ship captain, and default noxious if he spams FAS(skoll if ds since he probably has thana).

Stalker: bow stalker, refer to sniper. Magic stalker, refer to biochemist or just go GTB OR maya. Reducts stalker, wear garm armor and watch them screw themselves.

SinX: wear gr armor and if you follow the guide, you have valk rand on weapon. if they are auto attack types(dagger or crit) this will screw them up. If they are sb type, wear a puppetring+tao armor if they had ship captain. Now, following this guide, almost every bio should have 250-280k hp(im on 270k on hybrid with fbh on), if you spam seeds well, that should be enough. If not, do what I do, use your homun as a shield. Just stand there and when you see the sinx getting near, summon your homun without moving. 50% chance that he would hit the homun and it dies, but it leaves him about 1-3 seconds just standing there, should be enough to kill him with bolts or bombs since he has no shield.

LK: Default skolls if you know he has thana blade, noxious if he only does spiral. Use puppetring armor to remove his ship captain, and just spam as hell. his hp is high so I use blue ifrit ring as well. if he has no fcp(like every class listed besides Bio) he should die on your spam.

Pally: kinda the same with LK, but why would you be fighting a pally? Unless he is an STR type, I doubt he will damage you.

Clown: A good clown is the best class on the server because of tarot. If your hp is high enough, you can afford to go GTB friggs and survive his AVs.

Prof: If you are not cheap as hell and tried to tank prof's bolts, 2x noxious and proof potions should do the trick. This is what I do on gvg/br since it raises my survival rate since I won't get one shot by physical attacks.

Wiz: same with prof but easier.

WS: Another boring fight, just don't let him get near much and spam as hell, blue ifrit ring and valk randgris helps a lot.

Priest: only priest worth noting is actually Holy Light(melee type doesn't damage as much, and you can counter that with gr + valk rand). Wear angeling armor and you done.

Star Glad: again, valk randgris, and few star glads will ever target you.

Soul Linker: spam like hell, they got crappy hp anyway

Gunslinger: same strategy against sniper

Ninja: INT biochems only hope is to kill the ninja before he spams flip tatami. hybrids on the other hand can mix it up with mammo and bombs. shouldn't be too hard on a small map.

Super Novice: tons of hp, no GR, spam like hell. Chances are he will lose seeds before you do. Wear blue ifrits as well


Q: I have limited budget, I cannot afford to get JRage, Cape and Urds all at once. Which one should I get first?
A: I would get Urds first. considering you had legendary mace, you would need your bolts to actually hurt. So go for Urds. The downside here is Cape is kinda rare. You might have a hard time to get it once you got the tokens for it.

Q: Do I really need to switch shoes, I am fine with 2fbh shoes anyway.
A: Suit yourself, Although I find that always using 2FBH wastes seeds due to the fact that you use it for sp as well, and your hp is a little crappy without Antique Firelocks/GEC. 220k hp seems decent on a one on on one situation, not much if you are in PvP room or WoE or any Player Vs Player events like GvG.

Q: Who would win in a Biochemist Vs Biochemist fight with identical gears?
A: the one who has more HP and the one who switches to his maya shield at the right moment.

Q: Would you advice going hybrid with Mammonite?
A: Only if you can get your hands on 2 Jrage and Loki's seals/Urds. Otherwise you will be lacking somewhere. either HP or melee damage or acid bomb damage. Right now I am good with an Int build Biochemist. and if you are thinking of fighting someone that used devs+gtb +gr+fcp on you, a 50 STR biochem that has incant card on jrage and used BOS and hit mammonite would still good damage on them. the loss of GTB and the elemental damage increase is huge.

Q: Worst enemies for Biochemist?
A: LK with FCP. a sniper if you dont have RSX+tao. and a good champ that has good ping. That's about it.

Q: Easiest enemies in your experience?
A: Melee SinX. they get screwed over by reflect dispel so bad.

Q: Do you use stripping cards and coma?
A: only as a last resort. Coma is one of the cheapest tactics to kill people ,but at least it is a legit way to kill people. it might be your only resort against a beefed up LK.

Q: Best weapon card combinations for you?
A: My personal card combination is a defensive one. I use the fact that reflect is considered a melee attack, so it allows cards like valk randgris to go off when you get hit. With that in mind, i put the cards that I think will help me against any class I encounter. No one can kill anyone, but at least I try to have a certain defense against anyone. At the moment of writing, I am using Phreeoni, Stormy Knight, Dragoon Warlord and Valk Randgris on weapon. I am starting to think that dragoon warlord is not needed. Ill let you guys know if I find a better one. Only use this if you had some kind of reflect (Friggs, Skull Aura).

Q: If you would rank the best biochemists in the server, who were they?
A: I do not know myself. But honestly, I haven't seen a full damage biochemist like Enrique(Rusty Trombone) that can manage to do what he does, despite the low hp he would have. Giap was a good one as well, but he switched to his WS now. Jayjay(Amicable) was too passive but he taught me tons of things for biochemists. Not sure how good I am as people see, but I probably would make it to the top 3 biochemists.

Q: Why are there so many biochemists now?
A: the new pvp rooms dispell fcp. so they practically have a field day there. Although it made me happy that the class is getting recognition, it annoys me that most people I see just don't know how to use the class. I mean tons of biochemists now give up the moment their enemy can use pneuma or has fcp.

Q: if you dont have urds, what is the best range of matk?
A: Around 10k matk is ok for me, that should hit 2.5k-4k bolts depending on enemy. 12k matk if you had 2fbh shoes on.

Q: my bolts suck even with 15k matk, what gives?
A: Matk is not like physical attack. matk has a range it follows. it is basically random depending on range, so boosting matk in my opinion is pointless if you dont have urds. For the range, on a full int biochem(290+ base int), you get around 16k matk with butterfly aura on, your bolt damage should average 6k and will normally hit 8-9k as you spam. You will get a rare 10-12k though in between but that is the average.

Q: How do you combat RSX+GR + 2x deviling + GTB?
A: Not that easy to fight, but not impossible as well. First, you have to have tons of seeds with you and on cart since this will be a long fight. 2nd, switch your two accessories, put the ring of resonance and a strip armor accessory. if you follow my guide, your weapon should have dragoon warlord in it as well. you can also remove my stormyknight and put metaling card. Basically you try to strip him off the armor first(to test if he is stripped, if you had stormy knight he will be frozen, or if not try to cart revolution him and see if he gets pushed back). the ring of resonance is there for the random tarot as well and see if you can break shield armor or whatever. If he had fcp, with that much seeds on you, you can probably out last it(also having auto pneuma acc helps). chances are, if he is a SNIPER he will run out of seeds faster than you because he needs it for sp as well. also when doing this, switch to your kyrie shoes. (this is if you are not using the ring of resonance). Everything has a counter. With 100 str. i have 300+ seeds on me and even more on cart. If he plans to fight for a long time, and if this is pvp room, he will run out of seeds before you even get from your cart. Also, use a converter when trying this. he has 2x deviling and gtb. even if you have low damage, you should be hitting around 1k per hit with his setup. it might be little, but any damage will count when you are trying to do this, he has low hp anyway with gr+rsx. Strip chance is high enough(base 7%, it will never go lower than that even if enemy is dex class). so you dont have to worry much. you have fcp, abuse it. if he has fcp too, drag the fight on. if he uses sniper with ship captain, use tao+puppetring to force him not to use ship captain which lowers his overall damage, same with LKs that uses it.

A: The answer will always be a no. I am in a committed relationship sorry.


Biochemist Hybrid Section

As most of you know, I have been testing Hybrid Biochemist for weeks now. So far it has been good, however, you do need to have some expensive stuff to be able to use it. Now if you mained Biochemist as an INT based bio, and have bought all those stuff I put in there, you practically had everything you will need except a few things. If you are using an STR based class and got loki's seals already, all you need to get is at least Jrage and a good lower headgear(preferably blessed bio cape or cursed bio cape)

Stats for Hybrid

It doesn't matter if you are using Loki's seals or Urds for the build. Preferably you have both and you just switch around whenever you need it. I won't put exact stat numbers on STR VIT and INT, you have to play around where you are comfortable with it.

STR- Get around a total of 1.4k-1.8k Attack in the stat window with Crazy Uproar buff on. you can lower str to get higher INT for matk and just use STR foods to compensate, or vice versa(using int foods and higher STR)
Agi- 195 aspd
Vit- around 220k-260k hp should be fine on dual skolls. Rule of the thumb is you should have at the very least 220-240k on dual raydrics.
Int- this is where it gets tricky. Preferably, get int that at least damages 1.5k AD each it, Mostly that is a total of 350 INT OR if you use bolts alot, get around 8k matk or higher..
Dex- total 150
luk- none of course.


Gear shouldn't be too far from the INT based build, because let us be honest, you are still an INT based biochemist with a twist. You still hit people with Acid Bomb as it is your main skill. So the trend would still be have 3x kiels AT ALL TIMES.

Helm- any 2 slot headgear and put kiel in it. However, if you want to switch around and have HOD(Kiels) with you, put 1kiel and 1 maya p in it(your aura and lower headgear SHOULD HAVE kiels then to get 3 kiels total).

Aura- preferably Emp to save stats, or Skull Aura for the reducts since your HP is not as high. Kiels of course. You can use butterfly aura too, but only if you are using bolts as well(imp or siroma on the urds). If you use butterfly, get your matk to around 10k or more, but you sacrifice a little vit or str for it.

Lower- EITHER Blessed or Cursed ring, although I prefer blessed for the heaven's drive since 10% increase in mammo is not that high really, and I can use HOD if needed. kiels if you will be using HOD, mayap or fsoldier if not. I don't usually use fsoldier because you hardly will get stoned. unless they dumb enough to wear GR puppetring on you,

Weapon- Jrage of course, that has Thana, Phree, 2x TG or 1xTG 1x Valk randgris. Then get one more jrage that has my favorite card combo of dwarlord, stormy knight, valk randgris and metaling.

Shield- the same, friggs usakoring, gtb and maya.

Armors- basically the same, gr tao, puppterting tao, rsx tao, dual OL, evil druid tao. against physical attackers, Garm+tao works as well(also against reducts people.)

Cloak- 2x skoll, 2x raydric, 2x devs, 2x noxious, 1x sinx 1x ray

Boots- 2x fbh, this build barely changes shoes

ACC- I don't care if you are using Loki's or Urds(see STATS), I use either one of these cards, just use whatever you are comfortable with. errende ebecee, horong, STR runes, INT Runes, Siroma , Imp, Wikebine Tres, Owl Baron(or whatever the lex acc is). I ADVISE TO STILL GET URDS IF YOU CAN. THAT WAY YOU CAN SWITCH YOUR URDS OUT FOR RING OF RESONANCE WHEN USING MAMMONITE AND STILL NOT LOSE DAMAGE.



1. This build is way harder to use. Needs expensive stuff, tons of switching, THANA CARD, and good general knowledge of all the classes to fight. NOT FOR PEOPLE WHO WANT AN EASY WAY OUT. This build is for people that want a little challenge in their class.

2. Uses EVERY BUTTON IN MY SKILL BAR EVEN ON BM and I still need to double click items in inventory to switch some of it. If you are not comfortable using BM, do not try this as you will screw yourself over.

3. Uses Converters, so Dispell makes your life harder

4. You should always know what your average acid bomb damage to EVERY CLASS. That means, you should have fought everyone before trying it out. It should be 2nd nature to you to know when is the enemy using raydrics, devs or skolls. and use the attacking skill for it(AD, BOLTS, Mammonite)

5. Crazy Uproar buff is now useful for you

6. Amistr Homunculus might be a better alternative here, use speed potions for the speed if you used Amistr

7. My Bolts on 350 int still hit 4k-6k to people when I am using Siroma/Imp Cards. If that go lower, they might have a different armor, or used coldproof/.fireproof potion. Always have cursed water for emergency like this and mammo the hell out of them.

8. Puppetring armor does wonders for you now

9. Evil Druid is needed when you go HOD helm.

10. Using Foods is basically a necessity to gain full potential

11. Heavens drive is useful to show people up, but having marine sphere card on acc and using cursed ring should do the trick as well.

12. Getting good stat that you're comfortable with is tricky. Your acid bomb damage should be high enough to force people to go raydrics, you should be able to close distance fast to use mammonite, needs a little better ping to spam mammonite too. DETALE armor is also needed, if you ask me why, you shouldn't play this class then.

13. Fighting other biochems should be easy now with it. You can use devs+ gtb on them and if they did that on you, they are dead.

14. Mammonite is not your main skill, it is when they get close, makes your bolts/bomb useless or just plain stupid to wear raydrics against you

15. You play as a normal biochemist. If you have the right gear setup and right stats, your Acid Bomb and Bolt damage should still be on par with Full int biochemist. It's just that your HP suffers a little bit.

16. High burst damage class like SB sinx will give you trouble. always turn on sight and keep spamming heavens drive before they get close, or take a leap of faith and put on evil druid armor and hope he uses the poison/undead element.

17. I personally use 2 Stat build for this. the one I normally use has around 260k hp on 2 skolls. The rare one, which is a more damage oriented stat build, has around 200k hp but it deals 6k-8k bolts so I can't complain there.

18. Mammonite takes time to practice when you got used to using acid bomb and bolts

19. Do not mammonite people that uses skoll+ray armor(it is pretty obvious). thana makes your mammonite unstable, it is better to just spam bombs then get near and hit with unstable damage.

20. Use Puppetring armor, they get stone, use fire converter, spam mammonite if they are on raydrics. if not spam, acid bomb or fire bolt if you are using imp cards.

21. People who uses ship captain hat should be afraid of your puppetring armor

22. Full reducts people succumb to garm tao armor, which people rarely use. I keep one on cart just in case.

23. If you get stoned for a reason against a champ, wear dual OL and remove usakoring shield and raydrics for good measure. you ain't gonna live anyway, might as well bring him down. incidentally, if you are using skull aura + avians and friggs, if you go gtb shield or any shield that doesnt have reducts, his damage will be so high anyway that you will kill him without OL.

24. With your low HP, just be wary of your surroundings. If you see many snipers, don't default GR Tao, default puppetring since they will mostly FAS anyway. if you see tons of champs, default GR + tao and raydrics. you should have a gear setup depending on the enemies.

25. for_fild01 has no rules on what you use, unlike in pvp room where it debuffs stuff. If people go full buffs on you, get it too. and stop whining about it.

26. Chasing someone to hit with mammonite? stunlock with 2 - 3 casts of acid bomb, move , repeat until you get near.

27. Team battle: you shouldn't play as a hybrid, go play like a normal biochem and just spam like hell. they won't need a low hp character to go melee in BR/GVG anyway.

28. Killing in woe is fun now. station yourself in narrow passageways and hit anything that moves.

29. You shouldn't coma with this build unless fighting an LK with FCP.

30. PVP and Die a lot of times. That's how you learn.


- To Jayjay(Amicable) for giving me some tips on using Biochemist. :D
- To Enrique(Rusty Trombone) for showing me how great biochemist really is.
- To Airi for her REALLY BIG HELP on Hybrid Biochemist. She was the inspiration why I used hybrid.
- To my Elith Guildies, for helping me test out a few things
- To the countless people I fought in for_fild who really helped me see the strengths and weaknesses of Biochemists

So there, I hope you liked my Biochemist guide and I hope it helps some of you guys :)

Edited by Rayray
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nice guide, i really liek ur torture method. its more worse than waterboarding.

too bad vanilmirt caprice didnt work.

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Thanks. And yeah, my 2nd choice of Homunculus is Vanilmirth, however his skills are a little buggy at the moment. I tried looking for an AI that might help vanilmirth cast caprice, I'll get you guys posted if I find one and update my guide here.

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Updated the guide with FAQ. If you guys have questions about biochemists, please post it here and I will try to answer them.

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Nice guide Rayyyyyyyy ^_^

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You need 195 aspd for you to be able to spam bolts. even with 3 kiels, if you don't have 195 aspd, the animation of your bio casting the bolt is not short, max aspd cut this animation. Kinda like how you cant spam double strafe without having 195 aspd.

Not 300 INT because getting too high in int makes other stat lacking somewhere. Sure you can go 300 INT, that should make you have low hp and a limited carrying capacity. Your choice.

Edited by ZerO25

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how about if the opponent is wearing a RSX armor? what should i do? i cant break his armor + pneuma then if you spam fire bolt there is a reflect of magic attack???

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in pvp room the best way is to strip them using strip armor card(wikebine tres) and use a weapon with stormy knight in it(if you cant turn effects on) so that when you see them freeze, you know they dont have armor.

spamming bolts is also an option if your hp is around 280k. chances are, if you spam seeds with bolts, you will kill him if he uses maya because with gr rsx his hp is low, using maya shield increases the damage of bolts since he dont have usakoring. just keep in mind that only do it if your hp is above 280k

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maybe its kinda late coz you post this guide long time ago but still i wanna thank you for doing so... XD

alot of our new members in our guild find no trouble on learning bio coz of this guide..

and i dont find hardtime answering there questions regarding bios..

again thanks...

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That was the original intention of this guide. To help newbies. Everyone who knew me since 2007 know that I help newbies. I helped them ever since my old guild PsychoSamuraiz help me as a newbie. Everyone that was part of my guild Tears of Blood knew that. That's just the way it is. If this guide helped you, it was my pleasure.

The reason that this guide was a full guide and not just a guide where people put up gear, cards and stats is because I wanted the community to stop being elitist. The older guys should help the newer ones. And the newer ones should stop begging. New guys, farm, quest,vote and gear yourself up, the veterans do not have an obligation to gear you up just because we are here first. Most of us help people that help themselves :)

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depends on what you aim to be for aura. If you need matk go for butterfly, if you need a little reducts, go skull. I even use original zodiac and myth auras. Just use whatever you think is best/awesome looking for your build.

lower equip, at least get a biocape or sacred wing. since this is an int biochemist guide, I suggest getting blessed ring. BUT if you have thanatos card, go for the cursed ring and use mammonite+acid bomb. if you do have it, pm me and we'll talk extensively.

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i dont have thana, i use bio because it doesnt need a thana... thana is very expensive. lol... i just follow your build sir... but sometimes i cant kill with acid bomb because i cant destroy there armor, and they have fcp+ RSX... haha thank you rayray for that build...

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Do not always depend on acid bomb. Frankly if i cant break their armor, my bolts do the damage. let them reflect, you wont die that fast with lvl 5 bolts if you had high hp and them having lower hp with rsx+gr

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During the months you had been gone, I have been bombarded with Biochemist questions in game, so I decided to make the guide itself :P

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I have a opponent who wear an RSX+ GTB... lol i cant kill him... my acid bomb and fire bolt was useless...hahaha... what item should i buy first? the cape or emp or butt aura... tnx

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strip armor, if they had fcp, you have to outlast their seeds unless you have a mammonite jrage

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haisy, i have a opponent thats has RSK+ GTB and then pneuma... what will i do... what items should i buy first, BIO cape, butter aurora, or emp THANK YOU

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buy emp rather than butterfly aura. since the bios acid bomb damage are base on your int and your enemy vit, not on matk. using bolts are just secondary...

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I would have actually suggested getting cape first if you are using RS at the moment. As I said, cape gives so many things at once, there is no point of not getting it first.

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