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Found 2 results

  1. Since Cursed sniper rune+Cursed sinX rune have its own cursed MVP to drop in-game(for_map56) ❤️ Cursed creator rune+Cursed professor rune+Cursed wizard rune, should have its own cursed MVP to drop in-game too :3 Map-spawn for these 3 cursed rune's MVP=same map within(for_map56) I think this suggestion won't harm the server by major totally ❤️ [personal thoughts XD] [variety server's economy grown-up method] Ps: spawn time for those 3 cursed rune MVP's is up to GM's developer team decision ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Hope this suggestion would be loved too :3 Please reply ur thoughts within this thread too, yorokobe ❤️❤️❤️
  2. We already knew the *real pleasure kindness* of hunting MVP's of lhz_dun03 ❤️ (veterans+newcomers knew those too lol) Maybe its time to add a special lhz MVP room for it :3 : 1. Assasin cross eremes(single room) 2. High priest margaretha(single room) 3. High wizard kathryne(single room) 4. Lord knight seyren(single room) 5. Master smith howard(single room) 6. Sniper cecil(single room) The fees of summoning those lhz's MVP can be higher than those normal MVP rooms [around 70m-90m zeny per summon]. As usual, those lhz MVP room would get double chance% drop rate/floating rates on weekends. The cool down of re-entering lhz MVP rooms can be longer than normal MVP room(around 30 minutes-1 hour) ❤️ Extras: 1. Ifrit(11h spawn time) and Beelzebub(12h spawn time) should get their own MVP room too. Coz of their longest spawn time rate XD 2. Gloom under night(5h spawn time) and Valkyrie randgris(8h spawn time) also should get its own MVP room too XD Another extras just for lhz MVP rooms: 1. Add a reward ticket drops=*random Fro Legendary weapons ticket*(the % drop rate can be lower than mvp's card drop rate/made it the same as mvp's card drop rate) 2. *Random Fro Legendary weapons ticket* descrip would be like this ❤️: a. when double click it, an option of job choosing class would appears(Lord knight/Paladin/High wizard/Professor/Sniper/Clown/Gypsy/Biochemist/Whitesmith/Assassin cross/Stalker/High priest/Champion/Gunslinger/Ninja/Soul linker/Star gladiator/Super novice) b. Lets say, you clicked option of gunslinger class. It will pop-up 4 L.weapons selection for ya :3(revolver/shotgun/rifle/grenade launcher) c. You can choose 1 of those from 4 selection L.weapons of gunslinger only btw. 3. This ticket can be deal along players :3 Hope players+GMs developer team likes these suggestion ❤️ Please reply ur thoughts in this thread too :3 ❤️ Arigato ❤️
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