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Found 1 result

  1. I've always wanted to write this and encourage everyone to exercise this simple deisgn process I made to have a more impactful ideas or suggestions. Follow these steps so we can lessen information and implement your idea faster. BUt before we start, read Veracity's post below first because it already has all the important things you need to know. Now that you know the rules of posting suggestion, let's start. Whenever you have to post an idea, make sure to fill up these four (4) important points you need to write: Objective, Idea, Team, and Results. Let me break them down for you... OBJECTIVE - write the objective of your idea/suggestion. This should already answer why you want this to happen. If your objective is clear, then we may get a better understanding where you are coming from.. IDEA - so this is where you write (in full detail) your idea/suggestion. Make it as brief as possible: if you want an improvement to a weapon, put all the stats, additional abilities, possible sprite, etc. TEAM - write here who specificially should engage to your idea. Like if it has something to do with coding, then you will probably tag Genesis; if about the whole community, then tag the players, but you can also indicate specifics like "people in fcity"... RESULTS - for us to be sure that we are all aligned, explain here clearly the expected results when we implement your idea. Try to scrutinize your own idea on this part as well so we can minimize the critiques from other readers. So let me give you an example of an idea using this design... OBJECTIVE - Add more players to make the server a fun place to grow. The server's peak before was around 600 players online but now, it can go up to 800. So it means more players play online (could be alt chars but still, we are growing) IDEA - my idea is not new but I would like to have another round of Social Media Contest where players must share FRO website with a photo of their character/s and post it onto their FB, Twitter, etc. One post is equivalent to one entry. Give prizes to 3 lucky participants and give them 2 Bijou cards (first place), 1 Emperium Aurora of their choice (second place), 1 full set of any job of their choice (third place) TEAM - the participants should be registered players of FRO and should make their online posts PUBLIC so the GM team can audit their entry. Genesis and Veracity should be the one to do the random picking of the 3 winners. They should also TALK (yes. with voice on a video) about some stuff on what's happening and going to happen in the server. ? RESULTS - players may create alt FB/ Twitter/etc accounts for them to have more chances of winning BUT I don't mind because it will add traffic to the social media sites and people DID play in FRO when we did this last year. There you have it guys. I hope everyone will exercise this Ideation Process. Thanks for reading!
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