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Found 14 results

  1. Hello to the old and new players of ForsakenRO! I dedicated my day just to make this guide on how to donate in fRO. I'll try to make it as easy to understand as possible. Comments and suggestions are much appreciated! First of all, let me be clear to everyone that donating is a form of helping fund the server. The money goes to improving and securing the server. Not to mention the high cost of labor and monthly fees we pay for the server to keep running. :) Secondly, I will only cover the process for Braintree (Discover, AMEX, Mastercard, and Visa) and BDO Unibank Deposit (for Philippines only). Other forms of donations like Amazon, Western Union, Paypal, etc. must be directed to Genesis, the administrator of fRO. You may add Genesis on Skype: jorgeluisf350. Lastly, any form of chargeback/scam on us is a criminal offense. Anyone who tries to commit these crimes will be punished. So make sure you pay as soon as possible. You may review the server rules here http://www.forsaken-ro.net/forum/topic/16-rules/ THE TOKEN SHOP / BRAINTREE / BDO UNIBANK (PH only)
  2. wondering if the purchased items from token shop is already +10?
  3. Hi! Just played FRo for few days and got my legendary weapon with the increase damage for fas and etc. This morning while browsing the forum, I saw another bow in donation that increase the damage of blitz beat and traps. My question is can you get that latter bow that increase the blitz beat and traps at quest or its a exclusive item just donate? Thank you.
  4. Some items wasn't as popular as the others. I know not all items can be popular, since in any games there is a word called "meta". But the word meta itself can change depend on the newest update or some crazy peoples who use their brain to think outside the box and shake people "make to believe". So I'll present some unpopular donation items in my concern along with my suggestion on how to buff them. Community might agree or not or even adding more items in their concern as well. 1. Brynhild Valor Current effect: Str + 20, Agi + 20, Vit + 20, MDEF + 7 Suggested buff: Str + 25, Agi + 25, Vit + 25, MDEF + 7 2. Sigrun Valor Current effect: Dex + 20, Int +20, Luk + 20, MDEF + 7 Suggested buff: Dex + 25, Int +25, Luk + 25, MDEF + 7 3. Magical/Brutal/Strinking Hat (40$ worth hat on tokenshop), Magic Eyes Hat, Necromancer Hood, Tengu Hat, Loli Hat, Helm of Darkness, Angel of Ghost Mask Suggested buff: Given anti-freeze effect like Ship Captain Hat I kinda remember this has been suggested before, but I went inactive before that suggestion got responded by any GM if I'm not wrong and didn't know the continuation of the said topics. Before someone shot me down I'll say this before hand, I didn't own any of the items said above since pretty much like everyone else I do think the items not worth used with the current effect.
  5. mutilixus


    Hi FRO, Just want to ask why is PayPal not an option for donation. Thanks :D
  6. Selling or Trading O Crit Leave Offer or pm Gandolf The Great
  7. hi admin, I would like to suggest to put other option on how to purchase item from your store. I'm in europe and i want to purchase items but my problem is i don't wanna use credit card, can you add paysafe system on your payment opton. thanks
  8. Hi there. I'm completely new to Forsaken RO and I just want to ask the donation process? I've tried reading in your website but I can't find some answers to my question. I want to donate and the only way I can do so is via Western Union. In your website I saw a name and address: Jorge Delgado Brookline, MA 02446 Is that the complete address and name I will send it to? Second is, after I donated what should I do next? Do I need to contact someone in game or should I email someone that I already donated and give my username and list the stuff I want to purchase? I saw the online shop and tried to checkout and saw the online payment methods which I won't be able to use since I will use Western Union instead. If there's already a link or thread for that you can kindly point me there. Thanks! :th_heh:
  9. Well just recently we got an old headgear being re-released. And yea I'm talking 'bout Red Glasses. I didn't have the old version of this headgear, but I'm sure love it to the point of wearing it in a real battle replacing both of my donation auras. So here's my suggestion: Currently we only have 1 aura for magic class and thats is Butterfly Aura. And sometimes ago there is some suggestion about making another aura that have same effect with Butterfly Aura for variety sake. And I think this Red Glasses can be used as the sprite, as we already have Legendary Zodiac Aura, Legendary Mythical Flame Aura, and Legendary Lighthalzen Aura that have same sprite with donation one. Well there is some issue about this suggestion such as this can be exploited to scam careless people and so on. Edit: Of course the donation price will be the same as Butterfly Aura. That goes without sayin`
  10. i recently donated on the game but i dont know how i could retrieve it?
  11. thiefloo

    Gm Help !

    Gm how can i claim my donation ?
  12. I buy Card via Credit Card how can i get it please help me..
  13. So, I've been looking around the Wiki, FAQ, and diverse rewarded items pages but I can't seem to find the two items I'm looking to obtain anywhere but through donation. They are: Kitty Ears, and, Kitty claws. May anyone be as kind as to tell me how to obtain them besides donating? ______ Edit: I just noticed that a wild H ran away from my title. My apologies.
  14. Hello! Can we have a Random Donation Item NPC? This Random Donation Item NPC would randomly sell 1 item in donation list at its donation price with 10tokens=$1. Every month this NPC would sell the same item. (It doesn't have to be 1 month as a time scale. It could be shorter or longer.) Upon doing so, this gives a little more power to tokens and a little less power to actual dollar. On top of that it brings closer the actual amount of the item in tokens in game. A dollar can already be exchange to tokens anyways.
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