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Found 9 results

  1. Hell Guys I am new to the server does anybody know where the pet groomer is or where to get the item called Vital flower for succubus' food? thanks in advance
  2. Renaii

    Please Help

    i remember that day i buy fashion glasses for my loli ruri but she not equipped it :\
  3. Is there any pet groomer NPC in fcity? where?
  4. My Pet(Miyabi) has gone missing after i died at lhz_dun03, i thought it's just a bug (i checked [ALT+J] and it's still there) but after i Re-login it's really gone (and [ALT+J] is no longer working), :th_e28: just what in the world happened?. :th_sob: and for additional info i just fed my pef, so the hunger level is at stuffed and the intimacy is neutral. Please Help. Thank you in advance GM
  5. Hi, i was just wondering is all the pets in this server gives additional skills or stats to owner ? i would like to suggest like shecil pet gives +5 range to owner, lady tanee autocast level 11 heal when owners are lower than 50% hp ?
  6. I've recent obtained an Incubus pet, and I've been trying to equip pet accessory Masked Ball onto it. However, it will not equip, and I did double check that it is the correct accessory for the pet. I've also tried "unequipping" despite the item never having been equipped, and that did not work either. To my knowledge, double-clicking the item should equip it to the pet, but that doesn't seem to be the case here? Any and all help would be greatly appreciated, so thank you in advance! C:
  7. i have ktullanux as pet.. i give him food(white potion) when the status was "hungry", but when i gave food, his status immediately change to "stuffed" and make emo /hmm ...and if pet to much make emo /hm..it says, it will die... please help me when i must gave him food?thanks
  8. Hi everyone, I'm Lester (DSNx), I'm quite new and have been only playing for 4-5 days... ok cut the chase, basically I just want to know how to get taming items for pets... and where to get them... Thank you for your help and it will definitely help other newbies like me too. and by the way before I posted here I tried searching for any topics for this but i found none.
  9. is this possible .. to have pets with some effects like .. 5% stun to enemy .. like that? :D
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