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Found 29 results

  1. Hello! I was playing the game and after a bug I had to close it, when I reopened and entered my account and after the loading screen hit 100% the following error appears "Error ID 10: memory integrity test failed - code 0" I've already tried to start again, run as adm and deactivate my antivirus but still no changes. Please, help :(
  2. Hi Guys! I'm very very excited to find such a good server but i have an issue...I'm a Mac user :( Most of the time when i'm trying to patch game client or login into the game or via Wineskin it crashes... Maybe i do something wrong or the security system kick me...or whatever... I really want to play, but i can't :'( Does someone play on this sever via Mac computer and how you do this? And the question of ForsakenRO team:3 Is it possible to make patcher/client or Mac users? I saw that some severs made this... Thank You!
  3. account registered but, it was unable to send validation link to email. it said to contact a GM ... help pls...
  4. You blaming me selling Token to PHP but im not really Black market seller :( , Please recover my account you said at notification its temporarily only but until now its ban :( its 3 years from now please recover it Thank you Username:venjo099 Password:?????????? IGN:-=[PRO]-[jOvs]=-
  5. as patches go through my client seems to be having more and more and more problems.
  6. Cue music… Green Day - Waiting ♬♬I've been, waiting a long time♬♬ ♬♬For this moment to come♬♬ ♬♬I’m destined♬♬ ♬♬For anything…at all♬♬ Ladies and Gentlemen, I hereby welcome you to our first ever… ForsakenRO Administrators/GMs/Staff Official Q&A! As a foreword, I just want to say, I salute ALL of them, our Admins and GMs because despite surely having some other commitments, they were all able to answer back, just in time before the planned posting date came. I had fun reading their answers. I was definitely amazed and surprised by most of them and I bet you will be too. They are and have been regular Ragnarok players as well. There is more to them than just that of their GM Sprites. Here’s proof. As the host, this is one of my main goals. Bring more depth and life to the seemingly most-of–the-time idle special characters, Administrators and Game Masters as we call them, behind the Helpdesk. So, if you’re ready for this, I will now turn you over to the Q&A itself. Enjoy, fellow ForsakenRO player. - Midnight Administrators Why "Forsaken" Ragnarok Online? What's the story behind it?Veracity I honestly don't know since I wasn't around when the server started. I'm sure Genesis has some interesting answer for that. Honestly, I've always wondered myself! Genesis Forsaken has a special meaning to a lot of the founding members of this server. It was a very popular guild on NLRO, several of the founding members were part of said guild. It seemed fitting. :) The ‘Fate of the Gods’ storyline is one hell of an epic journey. Shall we expect such content in the future as well?Genesis Yes, we are always working on new updates. The storyline expansions take a long time to complete, they require a lot of writing, research, mapping and coding. But there will be more. :) Veracity Hell yeah! Fate of the Gods is like my love child. I've been working on the next installment for awhile, but there's still lots to do. Because of the epic scale of it all, a ton of work and planning goes into it. I'm talking about at least a year of work! It's definitely something to look forward to though, the 3rd installment is going to be something really amazing. ;) I can't wait until it's done! In behalf of all the players who are still curious, kindly explain to us why the “Renewal” patch known by most as the 3rd Job era, is not implemented in ForsakenRO.Genesis I have been playing RO for 10 years now. I was always a fan of pre-renewal mechanics. I believe that renewal is a failed experiment and things were far better, pre-renewal. A lot of veteran RO players (I would say the majority) feel this way. The sprites do look cool, which is why we offer replacement sprites for those interested. Veracity We decided against using Renewal for a number of reasons. While there are some benefits to the Renewal interface, it also introduces a lot of "game breaking" mechanics changes and the 3rd jobs themselves are - in my opinion - too overpowered for higher rates. It would ruin the experience here. Plus, RO is such a nostalgic game that people have so many fond memories of, I think it's important to be the RO that people remember, not Renewal. Isn't there any way of bypassing the Ragnarok nervous system to finally animate the Legendary Weapons' sprites and sound?Veracity Sadly, there's not much we can do about this. Genesis can explain this in better detail. Genesis It would be as lot of work for little benefit. Gravity created the RO client so that certain item id ranges, had certain weapon sprites. As a result, they are very limited. We would need to have everyone turn in their existing items, and replace them with new items. This is assuming there were enough free IDs, of which there aren't. 7 Years. Wow. That's a big deal. What's the secret or formula, if there are any, to keeping such a server moving on amidst all the competition?Genesis We wouldn't be here without the support of our players, and the dedication of our staff. We owe it all to you guys. :) Veracity 7 years is super exciting! It's definitely worth celebrating. I've only been around for 4 of those years, so I can only speak to the time I've been here. The biggest reason behind our success is our commitment to players who aren't able to donate, and giving them access to great gear in game. Also, our staff is really engaged with the community, more so than on any other server I've seen. We regularly listen to player's feedback, implement their suggestions, and generally look to them on how to improve our server. It's honestly a lot of different things, but those are just a few that come to mind. How long does it usually take to make custom quests / entire updates?Veracity It depends on how large the update is, but it definitely takes a lot more time and work than most players may realize. I put a lot of thought into the quests I write, and will do research on the subject and try to come up with a fun and unique experience. We're always looking for new innovative things we can try in our quests and raids as well. It can range from a few weeks, a month, even to years in the case of the storyline updates! Genesis From writing to completion, a couple of weeks. It depends on the size of the update. The goal is to make fun, expansion quests. That sort of thing takes time. Any hints on what's to come to the server? Updates, new gear, and so on?Veracity We're always looking for new and innovative ideas. We're now prioritizing implementing player feedback even more than normal, because that's really important to us. We want our players to tell us how we can make the server better. Beyond our seasonal quests and events, we'll be working on enhancing the Knight / Dragon Knight system, as well as the next installment of the storyline. The storyline is going to be a huge deal when it's released (it will be a long time before then though!). Genesis We are always working on new updates and expansions for fRO, we will be working closely with the community to implement changes that players want. :) Senior GM Dream How come we never see you in-game?Dream It depends on the timezone you are located at. I'm mostly around to host the bi-weekly events (GvG/BR), resetting PvP Ladder and sometimes monitoring War of Emperium. Other than that, I do a lot of stuff on the forums such as updating our wiki, the Hall of Fame, monitoring the ticket system, reviewing suggestions, etc. I'm at work for the most of the time, so I am unable to be in-game frequently. General How long and since when did you start playing Ragnarok?Genesis 10 years or so. Veracity I honestly don't even remember anymore, it's been so long! Probably around 10 years give or take. Ares I started playing Ragnarok when I was in high school. If ever you're curious, I started playing ForsakenRO last September 2014. Bishop I started somewhere in 2003 I think it was. RO has come a long way since then :) Capuccino I started to play ragnarok since elementary days. I'm not that quite active long time ago because ragnarok use to be pay per play and I can't afford that. Then, i play back again when I was in college on private server. Cookie I've been playing Ragnarok in general for about 7-8 years now, since the first time it opened back in i think 2008? Ahhh so much memories haha! Dream If I recall correctly I started playing Ragnarok back in 2004, 11 years ago. Ghost i think when i was in grade 4 (year 2004) Shino Since 2002 when it was released in S.Korea. I was having a vacation there during the time and a friend made me try the game. But I only played it for a week then. I waited for other servers to emerge and I think I was able to play on iRO then the local one. What's the story behind each of your aliases/in-game names?Genesis I had a good friend back when i first started playing RO, his name was Patrick. We hung out a lot. We always fantasized on GM names and we came up with Genesis. I have used it ever since. Veracity I chose what's most important to me in a GM: honesty. Veracity means "habitual observance of truth in speech or statement; truthfulness." Ares I always wanted a short name that is easy to remember. Greek God names sound cool as GM name for me so I thought of Ares, Apollo, or Hermes. But Ares, the God of war, is what I like. Nothing special behind it. It's just a name. Bishop Most of my names have specific meanings, however Bishop was simply based on Marvel and it's comics/games. Capuccino The things I like and whatever pop in my mind on that day on creation of the character. Cookie A lot of my aliases are mostly related to Heroes or Demi - Gods. Now for my Cookie alias, as the time of the choosing of names i was currently eating a cookie that time hence the name Cookie :D Dream My current alias Dream resembles me in a way that I strongly believe that anyone can make his dreams come true, of course if you dare to have some! Dreams are not simply dreams. You have them because you desire something and it should be your aim to do your best to achieve them and make them come true! Ghost Ghost? Hmmm. nothing special. xD there's this girl i like. We were so closed to each other and one day. i confessed all of my feelings to her and she was like "Oh" . then after a couple of months. she started to ignore me until i felt like im a ghost to her. i felt like i dont exist in her world anymore. lol! Shino Shino (contrary to popular belief) was not the name of the Ninja who uses bugs on Naruto. I got the name Shino from the .hack series. She's the one who is on my profile picture. Have you ever been a GM on other servers or other games besides ForsakenRO?Genesis I was a staff member on NLRO for a long time. Veracity No, I haven't. ForsakenRO is the first and only place I'll ever be a GM! :) Ares Nope. This is my first time to become GM. Probably the first and last since I plan to stay for good. Bishop Yes, I've been a GM on numerous RO servers :) Capuccino No. This is my first experience being a GM. Cookie This is my first time being a GM on a server, but before i was sort of a GM helper in another server, catching bots and such. Dream Actually, I've been a GameMaster before on a friend's server, a couple of years ago. Ghost nope. Only at ForsakenRO Shino I have never been a GM on other servers but I was a community manager of one local game. How is it like managing an entire server as a GM?Genesis Its tough, a lot of players. Sometimes players do not realize that we do not respond right away, because we are helping another player, or several players. We aren't rude, just busy. :) Veracity It's a lot of work, but also really rewarding. It's been a great experience, one that I'm really thankful for. Ares I had 3 phases as GM: 1st phase is the fun part (I hosted tons of events per day) because it's my first time to become GM;2nd phase went a bit frustrating because of some problems I had; 3rd phase, my current phase, is where I'm too busy with work in real life, and busy with GM duties. I'm obliged and I promised Genesis and Veracity that I'll keep doing my best to help with their work here in fRO. Luckily, I can manage my time in fRO and in real life. ;) Bishop For me being a GM is fun, challenging and simply a great experience. Meeting so many people with every login never gets old and being in the position to help people with their problems/questions gives a lot of satisfaction. Capuccino Game Master observes that everything is fair, balanced and most of all fun. We enforce the Code of Conduct and will band and /or silence violators during the patrols. Cookie Being a GM is really a time consuming time, but being here on Forsaken RO, It is nothing more but FUN. The players are really helpful, at time a little bit uncooperative but still a very very nice and fun community :) Dream It's a tough job. You are trying to help everyone as good as possible. Furthermore it consumes a lot of time, but if you dedicate yourself and are passionate, it'll become a joy. I'm always trying to make our server as unique as possible and the best way it can be. Ghost Its kinda fun and cool. Sometimes i loose my temper when i am hosting an event and some players keeps on spamming the chat. lol Shino Well, it is hard but credit should not be given to me as I am normally just a support/event GM. Credits should be given to the Admins. What's your most favored Ragnarok character/job?Genesis Probably SinX and Champion. I also like LK. Veracity If I had to pick, I'd probably say High Priest. It's been a really long time though since I've done anything other than GM. :p Ares I love champs! I love watching them kill people and them being killed by reflects. LOL Bishop I don't really have a favorite job in the game. I've played all classes, know how all classes work and like having the ability to change classes once in a while to have some versatility. My GM character will always be a baby novice as it has the best character size possible :)! Capuccino Secret <3 Not telling :) Cookie Lord Knight and Assassin Cross! These are the first classes that i have ever played :) Dream That's hard to answer. I like almost every job/class there is. If I had to pick one, it'll probably be the Crusader class. Ghost Assasin Cross Shino If I answer this, it would definitely point out who my main character is. :p How do you think, in a way, ForsakenRO differs from any other servers out there?Genesis I think we offer an experience few can match. Our staff is extremely dedicated and responsive. The quests and core experience we offer is unrivaled. Veracity There's so much about us that's different, honestly. We prioritize our players and their needs, and the staff likes to engage with the community as much as possible. We release really high-quality and innovative updates, especially our storyline. We provide equal opportunities to those who aren't able to donate. We choose only the best looking sprites (many of which are made exclusively for us) so our players can each look individual, and also have fun with lots of customization options! Ares You guys probably know the answer to this. But if you ask me, it's the fourth server I ever played which is PERFECT for people like me. I'm a busy person so I don't have time to level up my character so it's a big check for fRO. People here are so engaging and helpful to newbies! I've never experienced in my life these customized items that fRO made! Well balanced game play for non-donators vs donators. The WoE, GvG, and BR are intense! The administrators, Genesis & Veracity, are always there when we need them. We all know our reasons for staying here. ;) Bishop ForsakenRO is well established, it has a great and large community and a very dedicated staff running it. ForsakenRO has many ways for new people to gear up, from farming, quests and events to simply voting or being afk most of the day. I feel that ForsakenRO is much more welcoming to new players than the other high-rate servers are. Aside from the accessibility I very much praise the class balance on ForsakenRO and the way ForsakenRO handles the balancing, aiming to make all classes suitable in their own way. Capuccino I think the custom that our server offers to the players like the sprites, maps, and quests experience. I appreciate on selection of items per updates and I really like it. Cookie Community itself is very different from other servers. The players here are really fun to play with and are very helpful. We have an AMAZING storyline to add to our already amazing server. And the customs are just GREAT. Dream We have a lot of customized items and we are trying to be unique in a lot of ways. We are very newbie friendly and we are trying to make it fun for everyone with a lot of diversity, such as raids, quests, pvp, woe and so on. Ghost ForsakenRO is unique on its own way. from the story line to the other quests. Shino We stood the test of time. That's a testament to how Genesis loves the server. If you would compare yourself to a Ragnarok weapon, what would it be and why?Genesis Thor's hammer. Veracity Do Valkyrie weapons count? If so, I'd pick Loki's Cursed Blade. Mostly just because I really like Loki and find him an interesting character. He is ambitious and works really hard to achieve what he wants, like me. Our similarities end there though. ;) Ares Hmmmm... A knife. People here find it useless but it still cuts and does what it's supposed to do. Bishop I'd probably be the White Rabbit, simply cause it looks peaceful and cuddly and I see myself as peaceful, not as cuddly but I still love to cuddle. Capuccino I compare myself as a white rabbit. We can play together and be adorable in everyone but I could punished you and drive you to hell /gg :) Cookie I guess i could be compared to a.. Knife! Very very useful in everyday task and yet a very very dangerous weapon :D Dream I've never thought about being a weapon, but thinking about it, I'd like to be Twin Edge of Naght Sieger, because I think they are very cool looking and Naght Sieger is actually using it himself! Ghost - Shino Twin Edge of Naght Sieger. Actually, no reason, I just like that weapon a lot. :) From the Forums! Forums member "kyoshiro029" asked: As one of the top rated servers in RO, Did you expect from the start that this server would grow to what it is now? Genesis fRO was just a cool hang out server when it started. However, we quickly realize its potential and expanded. We never knew it would get as big as it has gotten. Veracity When I first became a staff member, we were smaller and averaged 300 or so players. I've always been very ambitious to keep improving the server and making it the best out there. I never really thought we'd become as big as we are though! It's been great to see all of the hard work pay off. Ares - Bishop I've been on ForsakenRO for a very very long time now, and one of the reasons why I stayed at ForsakenRO so long is because of the potential that I saw and still see in the updates and the management. I did expect ForsakenRO to do well, I didn't know how well but I'm certainly happy to see what ForsakenRO has become and I'm proud to be a part of it. Capuccino Yes as of how the server is it now. The staff consider on how the server promotes and be known by others. Cookie I think Genesis/Vera should answer this one. Dream When I first started here, I've never thought about us growing into a server like this! Ghost - Shino Definitely not. But I believe we are all hopeful that people love the server as much as we did. Forums member "Aerofox" asked: Do all GMs (especially Vera) receive and accept my novice sacrifices? :o kidding aside or maybe not >:) How long has (insert GM name) been in their current staff position?Genesis I accept only the newbiest of novice sacrifices. :) I have been here since day 1. :) Veracity Yes, I receive every one of your sacrifices. It's a little known fact but that's actually how I increase my powers as Verazilla! I've been staff for four years. I started out as a regular GM, then became a senior GM, and eventually an administrator. :) Ares Genesis, Veracity and Dream invited me to become GM last October 28, 2014. Do the Math. ;) Bishop As a baby novice myself I must say that I condemn novice sacrifices ! ;_; Not as long as Genesis has, but several years will do :). Capuccino I'll leave to Vera's answer :) I'm 2 year old event game master here :D Cookie Why sacrifice novices when you can sacrifice COOKIES FOR ME!! I think i have been in this position for i think 4-5 months now. Dream I don't know what you mean! I've been a GameMaster for two and a half year now. Ghost - Shino Depends on what sacrifices. :P Since February 2013. But as I am not as active in game due to other commitments outside the game, I can say that I have been active for a little less than a year. Forums member "nettokun" asked: What is the priority of this Server to its players?Genesis Players are always our priority. Our goal is to provide a fair, fun and equal experience to all players. Veracity Our players are really what makes the server what it is. Our community is the most important part of the server, and the biggest reason it's successful. Ares I don't know with the administrators. But I'd say, serve and provide a fun community. Bishop The way I see it the main priority of the server is to create a fun and enjoyable environment for everyone that likes RO. All high-rate players, fashion-lovers, pvp-ers and so on should all feel welcome on FRO. We are a PvP server so PvP is one of the core parts of our server and we're trying our best to offer the best class balance possible. Capuccino The priority of the server for a player is to give fulfill the game experience of the players. Cookie To provide a fun and safe environment to everyone, our priority is the players. Whenever we can help a player, we help them. There are just times that some requests are out of our power. But yes, providing you with a fun, safe, and memorable experience is our top priority here. Dream My priority is to make the server as fun as possible for everyone and make everyone enjoy playing on our server for a long time! Ghost - Shino I don't know about the others but I like the players to have as much as fun as I had in this server. Personal Messages As a closing note to our first-ever Q&A event, if you have any personal intentions/messages to our ever growing community, this is the best time to do so.Veracity Thanks to quizonkeneth for organizing this Q&A, it's been a lot of fun! :) Hopefully we can do more fun things like this in the future. And of course, a thank you to each and every one of our players. We're really lucky to have so many loyal and supportive players. We've been through a lot together, and I'm honored to serve you as a GM. I love having the opportunity to talk to you guys in game and on the forums! And thanks for all the laughs and fun in fcity. ;) Bishop First and foremost I want to thank the community for spending time with us here on FRO and helping us make FRO the great place that it is today. Secondly, I wanted to say that I've been here for many years and I hope that I can continue to 'serve' you as a GM for many more :)! Cookie I would like to thank everyone for being really friendly whenever they see me around, this is one of the best servers i have been in and it is because of ALL YOU AMAZING PLAYERS. Always take care and if you have any questions give me a PM ingame :) Dream Enjoy your stay here on ForsakenRO and stay tuned! There's a lot more to come from us in the future! Shino Just be good and continue supporting the server. :) *** Acknowledgements *** - Administrators Genesis and Veracity (Genesis, one of the first who answered the questionnaire as soon as it was sent to everybody. Vera was the one I turned to and not regretted it when I needed crucial answers to some of my early problems with the Q&A. Hands down.) - Senior GM Dream (I really, really hope I can finally meet you in-game somehow, sometime…) - Event Game Masters: Ares, Bishop, Capuccino, Cookie, Ghost, and Shino (No doubt, the best GM team I've ever known. Super friendly.) - Fellow Forums members Aerofox, kyoshiro029, and nettokun and everyone who has stopped by and wrote and asked questions not so long ago. (Hahahaha, you guys. It’s so nice to have brand new friends, all sharing one common interest. Thumbs up.) - And to you fellow ForsakenRO player! (Honestly, whoever you may be.) A BIG THANKS TO EVERYBODY! :th_thx: :th_bawi: :th_ok: :th_blush: :th_heh: *******
  7. GM help to recover my char its get error if im log in its stack in dungeon . thank you
  8. Hey guys! I turned into Assassin Cross but the skills won't show up. Th skills of a regular Assassin did show up, but those of the Cross didn't. Plz help!
  9. Hey GM, I wanted to know what happens when u skip a botcheck so I kept on typing the wrong letters and ended up in Jail. Can u please help me get out of jail.......
  10. Well, would you look at that. I was aboard one of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s newly designed Quinjets (Stark free, just pure S.H.I.E.L.D., or is it?) I came by this place the "Avenger" Thor has recommended me to go visit. He told me it was named Forsaken City. Pfff, why would he recommend a place like that. It's sounded boring. And just when I was just about to decide to just go on and blast past the said city (just gonna check it out from up top anyway), boy, was I amazed. It's well-developed, there are well-furnished establishments, there's even a huge castle serving as its center piece. But what totally hooked me the most and made me scratch that aforementioned decision earlier was that there's a community. A community full of helpful, friendly and fun-loving people. So I beeped Nick (My Boss), a few hours ago and told 'im that I might stay here for a while. I heard creatures from other realms are trying to break the peace in this wonderful place. I just can't let that happen. While I'm here I might as well join the people who bring fun and entertaining events to the locals. I guess it's one of the best ways I can repay them for their kindness. This is for the best. This is for a change (kinda tired of roaming the entire planet just to monitor hostile activities from Earth's and S.H.I.E.L.D.s enemies, like HYDRA.) So, if you see suspicious activity around you, like people murmuring in some sort of an indiscernible speech code pattern, whether those're from random aliens, demons, A.I.M. or HYDRA's spying personnel, PLEASE, save everyone by dropping by the helpdesk and reporting them to the authority (and to me, I'll make sure I'll call reinforcements. You know that "green guy"? Yeah you get the idea.). That shall be all for now. I will now continue on with my Invisible Patrol mode, technology courtesy of Reed Richards and Sue Storm of the Fantastic 4. SEE YOU AROUND! - Armstrong, temporarily signing off.
  11. Curious about how it's like being a Ragnarok GM or Administrator? :th_hmm: Do you think you've played Ragnarok longer than anyone else? :th_bawi: Then... I would like to encourage you to speak and think about any game-related questions to be asked to our Admins/GMs/Staff such as Veracity, Dream, Genesis, and more in the upcoming Q&A Event! For example: "How long have you been playing Ragnarok?" :th_ok: Three (3) to (5) [or more!] questions will be selected and will be included in the Official Questions list. Deadline of entries will be on February 11, 2015. The finished ForsakenRO Q&A will be posted here between February 14 to February 16. Stay tuned! :th_ho:
  12. So a few days ago, I suggested through the Shoutbox that maybe we can have a short Q&A with the ForsakenRO Staff. [GM] Cookie cheerfully replied who seemed to have liked the idea. It would be great to know some random facts about the guys who make this server unique. I've already thought a buncha questions to ask to our GMs... :th_ok: - I hope you guys would like this to happen too!
  13. GM help becuz of my Fken.ro i cant open when i double click my application for RO then will autoclose my RO i cannot open and i try to ReDownload the Client its the same help me GM please
  14. GM, I suggest that you should make different weapon for Gunslinger. Like Rifle Shotgun , ETC. so, that we can use the unusable skills. the only weaopon i know is Valis Destroyer. you should make another for rifle shotgun and etc. :th_ok: :th_ok: :th_ok: :th_ok: :th_ok: :th_thx: :th_thx: :th_thx: :th_thx:
  15. Hello Gm i wanna play but My Email Confirmation is Bug I NEVER RECEIVED ! ANY LINKS OR CONFIRMATION please validate it for me ! I WANNA PLAY my user:clen24
  16. I think there is something wrong with my ''MASTERSMITH CARD"" Because it doest break the weapon and card of others. why?
  17. I have a Good Suggestion That will make people play more. Gm you should make a "Alternative Job Path" Like on Other RO or Older RO . Cause Last 3 Year when I was Playing RO. There was a Class or Alternative Path Job Change. Like Guilotine Cross, Ministrel , Shadow Chaser ETC. It Would Bring More People To the Server Because of Many Job or Class. :D :D :D
  18. I think the Lord of The Death Card Should be Updated. Cause The Effect of The LTD card is too low that it's like the effects Does not work. and the coma's percentage is too low and its like its not taking EFFECT.
  19. Gm please is there anyway to return my item back? because i accidentally drop my L.k Card and 4x T.G Card While Discarding I know its my fault for having too many different item.
  20. Gm Help why wont my mastersmith card effect's work? the effects doesnt work? Gm Help why wont my mastersmith card effect's work? the effects doesnt work? Gm Help why wont my mastersmith card effect's work? the effects doesnt work? :th_swt: :th_swt: :th_swt: :th_swt: :th_swt: :th_swt: :th_swt: :th_swt: :th_swt: :th_swt:
  21. I buy Card via Credit Card how can i get it please help me..
  22. hi im new here just joining the server couple of days ago i have been working for this legendary quest since 2 days ago, after looking the quest section in the fken site so far before step 23 i had no problem , but after i warp to master forging(step 23) , all those items and zeny received from knight master (step 22) is gone. for refence please check the quest http://www.forsaken-ro.net/forum/index.php?app=ccs&module=pages&section=pages&id=1&record=134st=25#commentsStart i have no more idea what to do, pm-ing people around, pm-ing GM from to bottom list, looking the site and google. i still have no lead. not even a single entity came to my aid. so i end up in this forum. what should i do now?? i have come this far, i wish i could get back all those reward. you like for a second when u received unexpected reward of of 100m, u feel like wow and after second while warping, they all gone. feel like crap. if anyone also had the same idea, opinion, idea whatsover please share and help thankx!! [im still waiting for GM in game to reply now]
  23. bebangko

    Gm Help

    i hVE MY account here at forum but i cant log in games?? pls help im newbei here from kuwait.. tnx
  24. hi im new here just joining the server couple of days agoi have been working for this legendary quest since 2 days ago, after looking the quest section in the fken siteso far before step 23 i had no problem , but after i warp to master forging(step 23) , all those items and zeny received from knight master (step 22) is gone.for refence please check the questhttp://www.forsaken-ro.net/forum/index.php?app=ccs&module=pages&section=pages&id=1&record=134st=25#commentsStart sorry i got problem with my firefox and do double post. this one is not a complete post. how to delete this one? im using google chrome now
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