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Found 4 results

  1. Sale or trade my Legendary Lord knight sword[20] to your Legendary Sniper bow. Leave a reply if youre good with the deal Thanks. :)
  2. Stalker suggestions:(based on my own experience, knight sets etc no donations) I've only been playing here a couple of weeks(stalker only) but enough to know the gist of things around here. I've seen a lot of people whining about stalkers reducs lately and i just don't quite get it. When stalkers go reducs they're dmg is weak(3k-5k DS to reducs,6k-10k to tao users) def is also weaker than a pally, when they're full on offense they're still weaker than snipers and gs.. you can say they have full strip but come on.. this is a high rate, once you piss someone off they can just dual client and fcp+out pot your dmg making reducs stalkers utterly useless. I don't necessarily agree with removing the reducs on stalker bows but maybe reducing it a bit, honestly imo.. i would like to see 2 Legendary stalker bows, 1 for pure offense 1 for tanking like the current one. -this could also be a good idea for other classes Another thing is the countless reducs stalkers i've seen even though i use one myself, the items to get offensive gear is slim for a noobie like me. The only things ive seen that could improve stalkers dmg would be ship captains hat and improved poring tower hat. For me and others, that'll take a while to get then to say a +10 feather beret or deviling hat that can be made in a day etc.. and even then snipers with those headgears are still better dmg dealers so why bother, which is why they'res so many reducs stalkers, it's just plain easier. I have plenty experience of reducs stalker that even when i full strip people i still can't kill them because of my weak dmg input unless they give up potting or relog or fcp and destroy me. I suggest having new "quest" headgears that gives % dmg to demi human. this helps offensive stalkers and melee characters - i'm not sure how well this would do but i can't really test it because getting dmg modifying headgears is nearly impossible right now. Also a fcp player is a dead stalker especially a reduc one, basically as i said before, "piss someone off and they'll dual client for fcp" is pretty much bullshit. I suggest making stalker soul link be able to strip fcp but with the use of glistening coats too and can only be used singularly not full strip.. i've seen this on another server and it balances out quite well. If a player can dual client and negate you why can't you also dual client and negate them?
  3. Johan

    S> Stalker Sb

    I Selling Stalker SB, Valkyrie Weapon, Like a 750 O Offer me :D Pm at --> Walkind Dead
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