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  1. Hi to my friends and acquaintances, long time no talk. It's been roughly 2 months since my departure. What's new? Having just skimmed past the forums, I see that things are mostly the same as usual.
  2. To our distinguished GM staff, my beloved friends, and my fellow ForsakenRO peers, It's been a long six years. We've seen this server evolve from its infancy to where it is now and it has definitely been a remarkable journey. I have encountered great people and connected with greater friends. I am here to announce a long-term hiatus from the server. School, work, and life has more so become a priority and playing on this server just isn't able to fit into our day-to-day schedules. In the future, I may come back to wreck havoc like always but only time will tell. I've left several items and my account to my closest friends in hopes that they will be able to make a productive use of them. It's been a long run and it definitely couldn't have been done without the friendships, both past and present, of the following people (in no particular order): Mike (Supreamus/Dragon's Fury), for being our Holy Saviour King whenever we needed you. Your graciousness knows no bounds. Mesh (Meshies), f0r supp0rt1ng 0ur caus3. much d3nks. m03 m03 kyuuuuun~! Trong (Hollister), for being a small fish in a smaller pond. The ocean is vast, my friend. Timmy (I FCP U), for "pinking" the hell out of people. I enjoy eating clementines. Alec (Fatal.), for being my big daddy. Best wishes in your next step in university. Tommy (Battle Chant), for your horrible devo. LOL, jk. Adam (2 Chainz), for being there when we made Homolust as a joke guild. Look how far we came. Juan (Phenomenon), for all your awkward, personal stories on your love life. Also pming me song lyrics. Giving me that leafring rucksack (value: 400) was very precious at the time, LOL. Kuoch (Unbreakable), for attempting to farm for a Hyegun hat when it was at 0.01% drop rate. We never got it did we? Mac, for making my time in anthell01 fun by killing a kajillion ant eggs. And being my in-game dad. Somdara (Perishable), for buying my Vagabond Wolf card for 100 tokens, LOL. Cole (Drax), for teaching me how to properly random on for_fild01. Ken (Epic), for being the best guild leader ever. "Full Chemical Protection me. War of Emperium has started." Your professional demeanor is sorely missed. Nelson (Gurkak), for diligently maining wizard since our Influence days. Your name will be forever remembered as an onomatopoeia for someone choking/gagging. You're the "People's Champion". Tony (L I G H T), for the fun times randoming people with SB in PvP. Taeyoung, for all the fun Champ duels. Landon (BOMBIN~ERRYDAY), for being our first and only disciple. Keep that PvP Ladder streak strong! Laura (Alyxia), I can only hope to be as cool as you when I'm your age. Rae (Relina), for your awkward ways of saying things that made me laugh. Will, are you still around? You can keep the butterfly wings. Pat (Sessions), for being my bro and monopolizing ladder with me. Getting our first Thana together was very exciting. #1 Stalker. Demi (Arch Experiment), for being g3y. Still can't get over the fact that you deleted your character with all your items on it. The seed farming is real. Also, reuniting like 5 years later, LOL. Maii (Impossible), for showing me what spamming was really suppose to look like. "1%, 2%, 3%, ..., 98%, 99%, Download Failed!" Edu (Dudu), for making professor as OP as it is. John (Yukumaru), for being the best champion this server has seen. I'm sure our duels lagged the server. Tony (Geometry), for showing me how sniper is really supposed to be played. The position displacement is broken. Bass (Loyalty), g0k. Nines (Thesik Bellamorte), for getting me my Irish Hat when it was +40 all stats. "It's like every belt wrapped around your head!" Tylor (Rykou), it was interesting reading your chats with your German crew... even if I had no idea what you guys were saying. Max (master_fire), for those days when you only spoke Spanish and I was helping you around using my high school Spanish knowledge. You've come far, j3j3j3. Chris (Xtopher), for being a beacon of sensibility and rational thought. Jay (Amicable), for starting all those Off-Topic games. I sure killed a lot of time there... Jimmy (Dante-), for making my days at lhz_dun03 exciting. Simon (Ferocious), for being one of the few leaders to give me a castle drop, LOL. Biel, for always starting a war and making the entirety of for_fild01 against you. Alex (Apostrophe`), I always though you were a guy. Little did I know... Carlos (Gladiator*), why you always random me? Julio (Mao Zedong), for being Influence's clutch breaker/devo-er. Tyler (Kaboom), you are remembered for your Usakoring rucksack. FlamesOfDarkness and your brother, for carrying me in PvP room and being the best pally ever. Mesumono, for showing me how to get sinx dps on a sniper. Xerg, for all the fun champ duels. Jelly~~~~, for all the things we did when I was a noob and was playing a baby character~~~~ And to the many, many, more comrades that I missed. Thanks for being there. Special thanks to [GM]Genesis, of course, for making all these memories possible. Guilds that I was a proud member of (in chronological order): Equilibrium, Treadstone, Legion, Influence, Transcension, Bravery, Seize, Avalanche, and Homolust. I'll make an effort to come back on the forums once in a while. Gotta regulate server balance even if I'm not playing in game for my friends' sakes. Here's to the prosperity of the best and last RO server I'll ever play! Signing off for the last time, Peter (Sarin) and Drew (Iskandar)
  3. Silly. Implement a waiting room with RNG instead. Much like: http://irowiki.org/wiki/Dokebi_Battle_Quest
  4. Best way to summon MVPs is via MVP room. Welcome!
  5. Tarot has been a problem for years. Don't try to redirect the blame to when warping was disabled because that isn't the reason why all of a sudden people seem to find it a major problem. It's always been a major problem. People hate fighting against it because it's broken. I see clowns/gypsies easily hit 10-12k AVs when their target is forced to GTB. Are you not fully geared? Also, at what speeds are you spamming AV? AFAIK, when AV is spammed, it is spammed in fractions of a second, much like SB and not like you're describing it taking "multiple seconds for the damage to apply". Multiple seconds would be like speed asura-ing. Hats can still break. Hat being broken is pretty much gg. Tarot needs to have a reduction in it's spam rate. It's like ~1 tarot/second right now. Needs to be like ~1 tarot/2 seconds.
  6. A correction yes, but it just makes his point even more valid, lol.
  7. I disagree. This is essentially buying activity tokens with tokens. The rewards in the activity token shop should take time to acquire.
  8. Sigh. It's been stated before. This isn't "nerfing" anyone's spam. Genesis has made it clear that, This should't affect any legitimate player.
  9. He's playing that "I'm-too-cool-for-school, fuck-the-police, keyboard-warrior" flair which is all the more hilarious over the internet. He's a deer caught in headlights; angry that I frap'd him in the act.
  10. Dude, are you like, 12 or something? As far as I'm concerned, the video provides ample proof that his BB spam rate is abnormally fast. I can easily upload what a normal one looks like if you need a comparison to see my point.
  11. I'm going to re-post this in support of nerfing Tarot. It's largely a copypasta from the other big thread but the argument I make is relevant here. tl;dr: In short, with 20% relevant casts at 1 tarot/second, it is expected that you will cast a relevant tarot once every 5 seconds. Among those relevant casts (8/14 cards), 3 out of the relevant 8 cause debuffs to MATK/ATK meaning on order of magnitude, nearly every 10 seconds some sort of debuff will be recasted on you, with the debuff lasting 30 seconds (perpetual debuff state). This is quite unfair once you also tack on dispel tarot, coma tarot, and getting rooted. super tl;dr: I can probably kill you with casting Tarot alone. Tarot is nearly casted as fast as you can spam it. It doesn't matter that it fails more than it succeeds. The fact of the matter is that even when we consider the successes and failures combined, it's still too fast. I'm sure everyone knows how fast Tarot is spammed but I'm posting a video anyway since it's a good reference for this thread. And no, it's not a ton that are useless on our high-rate environment. In fact, majority of them are very relevant. I will break them down here so others and yourself can take a look at them. The Fool: Reduces SP to 0. Irrelevant. (Edit) The Magician: Halves MATK for 30 s. Relevant. The High Priestess: Complete dispel. RELEVANT. The Chariot: 1000 DMG and breaks random equipment. Relevant. Strength: Halves ATK for 30 s. Relevant. The Lovers: Warps target and heals 2000. Irrelevant. Wheel of Fortune: Casts two cards. Relevant. The Hanged Man: Frozen, petrified, stopped. Relevant. The Devil: 6666 DMG, halves MATK and ATK for 30 s, casts curse. Relevant. Death: Cursed, coma, poisoned. RELEVANT. The Tower: 4444 DMG. Irrelevant. The Star: Stunned for 5 s. Irrelevant. The Sun: Drops ATK, MATK, DEF, Hit, Flee by 20% for 30 s. Relevant. Temperance: Chaos 30 s. Irrelevant. (Edit) I'm counting 9/14 cards which is far more than what you're seeing. Don't forget that Death followed by any of the cards that do any sort of damage is a game ender. The relevancy is to my opinion but you can try to argue its irrelevancy if you wish. Warning: Some back-of-the-envelope math. Discretion is advised. I did forget Temperance (made edit above). You countered that The Fool, The Chariot, The Hanged Man are irrelevant. In hindsight, I agree with your view on The Fool. However, to me, The Chariot and The Hanged Man are still valid cards. The Chariot because not everyone gets FCP all the time (many use RSX and helmet is still breakable). The Hanged Man because with Fsoldier being more expensive than ever, not everyone has access to it. I've stone cursed many players on for_fild01 as of recently on my reduct Professor and I can attest that immunity to stone curse is rarer than one might think. Also, The Chariot has this ability to make you rooted to your cell and unable to move which is debilitating. So between our opinions, for me, there are 9/14 and to you, 8/14 (in relevancy), which is more or less the same thing. And now with 40% success chance by nature of the skill, nearly ~20% of tarot casts will be useful, as you have previously stated. However, 20% relevant casts at speeds of ~1 tarot/second (assuming my video is a representative sample of tarot casts) is much too fast. Debuffs last a full 30 seconds in which during that time, one can cast on average of another 30 tarot cards. More likely than not, you'll have re-casted the debuff (since there are 3/14 cards that debuff ATK/MATK) meaning the timer will have resetted for another 30 seconds. I reckon you can perpetually keep a player under debuff status until one of you gets killed. Now let's not forget how ridiculous tarot is even when the player is forced to use GTB. Dispel goes right through. You can still get rooted to your cell. Debuffs still halve your attack. It's not slow or weak if you're forced to wear GTB. I haven't tested clown/gypsy myself recently but I think their damage swells between 10-12k right? So, at averages of 3 AV in a spam, that's (3 AVs * 9 hits * 10-12k damage) = 270-324k damage. That's basically equal or greater than the full HP of nearly every class in the game, with exceptions to LK and Paladin. And that's just with 3 AVs. People claim to do 4 as well which is utterly ridiculous. Now consider this damage and also tarot's ability to still work (most of the cards) DESPITE wearing GTB. Are you seeing why many people are calling foul on this skill? In the other thread, Genesis said that they are able to set server-sided delays. From this, I'm making an inference here, but doesn't that mean that tarot spam speed can also be reduced?
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