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  1. Thanks @Digital Daggers Gonna try that and see how it turns out πŸ˜†
  2. Thanks for the advise πŸ˜€ Solid advise and yes I did tried some of the above before but can't stand the boredom so I prefer to donate instead. @Digital Daggers Didn't know about the market but can tell not many people asking to buy MVP cards after you mentioned it. Raid is .... well, we are still new here so still learning step by step. Gonna start gearing up soon 😊 @niemono89 Tried abyss_03 but cant seem to kill Acidus there fast enough unless we hunt as a team (but loots split 4 ways lol). L.Weaps are indeed a good way and yes it sure is boring but great suggestion if for those playing F2P. My mates can be quite stingy so got to ask them to stick to the advise. Great advise and if anyone got anymore tips that is not a secret and don't mind sharing can also send message to us. Thanks again 😁
  3. Hi everyone, KashaDear or Raefelia IGN ☺️ Before I continue my question, here's what I understand about the game. There's a guide for newbies by gunxsword11 (which is super helpful) with quest guides & game know how. I found most info useful, but I'm stuck at 1 point of the game. Market & token demand & supply. As a casual player, I found myself loving the game so much that I did everything mentioned above but when I tried introducing the game to my other mate it gets tough. With Token as the main currency here, most of the best goods (Rings, Accessories, Tokens, etc) required huge amount of investment which is fine if you donate. My mate however tried to played it F2P (which is fine, but takes too much effort to farm in my opinion), but encounter problem with getting tokens. I understand from his view saying you can always farm things like MVP cards, quest items or tickets but not many people are buying it (his argument). Not many people are trading Ftoken to general goods compare to previous year (heard from a fellow PVP's, no idea as I joined late), which could also due to trading time or so on (GMT+8 here). So the question is, are there any guide for Ftoken goods transaction for F2P players? Or are there any kind seniors that can help out my poor noob friend here (shameless plug)? Appreciate any kind of advise. Thanks ❀️
  4. Leave Offer IGN=Raefalia (Market) GSX10 GTBX3 OLX5 MayaX5 MayaPX12 AmonRaX12 Samurai/IncaX6 TGX5 Garm/HaitiX4 RSX X5
  5. Hi minna-san ^^! Heard this server from a friend and love the high rate as not enough time playing daily (casual gamer) Havent been playing since renewal so hope to get back into the game and make lots of new friends ^^. Let's play!
  6. Hi casual player here, can I join?
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