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  1. Run to the Hill One day, I found this hill, when I was in misery. I sat and thought of things that happened to me. I wanted something to happen. I wanted to be free. Free from work, free from pain, free from reality I could express myself on this place, be moody, be cute and sadness shall be erased. I wanted to be the best version of myself So, I decided to express and be myself. Starting that day, I knew that this hill would be mine I called it “My Hidden Place” until I run out of time. Then I realized, I didn’t find this hill The hill found me and wanted me to be happy. *Note: "The best hiding spots are not the most hidden, but merely the least searched. "*
  2. Style over Fashion Fashion can be bought but Style is something that can only be possessed. It varies on different individuals representing who they are. Style is something that everyone has, you just have to find yours. Just like in this photo, with the right positioning and angle you'll get a good shot. With the right get-up will compliment with the place. Simple yet elegant, plain yet beautiful That is my style, What's yours? Ps: Forsaken tokens are the best thing in this game lmao that's why i love it right where i could see it.............. on my characters of course!!!!!!!
  3. HOMUN HUMAN Some advice for the next one Some will lead you to the dark Don’t tell them all your secrets They’ll leave you with a broken heart They’ll try and tell you that they want you Just to keep you on the line And right when you’re about to move on They’ll pull you back in every time Here’s an advice for the next one Run, Run, Run It is fun to have someone run with you till the end of line. Someone who would “pick” you up when you’re a mess, appreciate you and your whole existence. And finally, I found …the best partner, Lif. I have chosen Lif to be the best partner because through my roller coaster life, she has been there for me. When others dragged me into the dark, she ran with me became my guide to see the light. She was there during daylight, accompanied me till midnight. Therefore, she is the best partner that I could possibly have. Not just a homun but a friend that I would cherish and keep forever. PS: IGNORE THAT BC lmao or better yet buy his items already
  4. ALL: Happy birthday Forsaken Ragnarok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Elizabeth Mably : So what's your wish for your birthday? Forsaken Ragnarok: I wish that i'll have more birthdays to come!, more years!, more gifts! Elizabeth Mably: Okay blow your cake now Forsaken Ragnarok: But where is ma' cake? I dont see it? Elizabeth Mably: Try asking Gm for help lmao do @request lmaoooo Forsaken Ragnarok: BOOOOOOOLIEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! i'll report you instead Elizabeth Mably : THis ************* it's on top of your head!!!! Many players have come and go but how have we reached 11 years? It isn't an easy feat not all games are given the opportunity to last longer so it is indeed something to be celebrated and be happy for. We've come to this point 'cause of everyone's hard work and we players played a very vital role. We didn't just come and play, we enjoyed every moment that we had and made it a special place to "live" in. A Special Place where some of us could express themselves, meet different kinds of people,and have a great journey with their friends. So as we start another year, we are also starting another journey with FRO. Happy 11th Birthday/anniversary FORSAKEN RAGNAROK!!!! looking forward for a fun and fruitful year! may you have more yrs to come.
  5. Random Throwback The most beautiful things in fro are not the tokens and items lmao, but memories and moments that we had shared and spent quality time with our friends. It is also one of the powerful things in the world because memories/moments are ways to be part of one’s life and ways to be connected towards other people. Just how one memory connected me unto it, and connected me to you guys as well An ordinary day became an extraordinary one by just meeting someone. I would never forget that feeling that I had experienced. That feeling became our moment together, the moment became the memories that we could cherish. And those memories are now part of my past. A throwback to the day where we had met in a very strange way. There was this strange looking perverted clown that was gazing at me. I felt very uncomfortable that my body was shaking, and my soul was shivering. I asked him what does he needs, he didn’t respond. I asked him what was his problem and he just smiled and laughed horribly. I got creeped out later I began to realize that he wasn’t looking at me; he was gazing at my homunculus lmao. It was so embarrassing that I wanted to change character but I am smart, don’t want’ to waste a.toks (LOL). So instead I told him that I’ll be reporting him for no reason. We instantly became friends and we got to know each other well. He wasn’t so bad after all; he’s just the worst lmao. Kidding aside, he’s just like that- that kind of a pervert. Then one day I’d received a news that he was gone, and had passed away. I think we could agree that life is too short, so live it well. Love comes rarely, so grab it. Anger is bad, dump it. Fear is awful, face it. Memories that we had shared with our loved ones and friends are the sweetest so cherish them forever. And for the memories that keep on hurting us, keep them too for every memory of one’s lives, one’s deeds, one’s work will continue to live on to other people. Take care of those memories for you can never relive them.
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