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  1. Im sorry but i have to -1 on this suggestion, maybe if the suggestion is for us to have new EMP colors which is the one that you're suggesting with a new castle to play with, that would be nice, but creating legendary Emp, for me its just redundant, We have the Original Emp (Castle Drop) already that gives almost no difference on the stats that you are proposing, and to make it an end game item, you just have to make it Limited Edition. if we will have a legendary emperium aurora, Our economy will definitely suffer since it will be a lot easier to make and get ingame. Peace Out ^^
  2. Thank you @railgun, for giving a very good "EXAMPLE" of what a "SUGGESTION" should be. It seems like you did'nt even read what railgun says based on your answer in general discussion, LOL @Forsaken Players Present your Facts, Be specific, maybe your so-called suggestion will be heard. LMAO and STOP crying. Just GET GOOD XD - 100000
  3. Add-on: I'm not defending the TK/SG class or whatever, I'm challenging this "Suggestion", so get your facts. Don't tell us to review woe , you are the one who feels that the class is OP and needs a nerf so prove it. There are lots of things that can be suggested to make the server "Balance" but killing classes just makes it worst. #ProPlayersCantbeNerf
  4. First, we are aware that you are not born yesterday, you'll be like 1 day old. LMAO. Second, If you're really doing your research, you will know that this suggestion has been suggested already and various changes has been placed and take effect since then. Third, again, who ever reads this suggestion will know that you are not suggesting but complaining, you can't even say a proper rebuttal on the critism of this "suggestion" that you are saying. "I'm not born yesterday" "I know how the ingame system is". Man, this are not reasons for the GM's to listen to you. i mean who are you to conclude? LOL. Tell me one good reason why TK/SG needs a nerf and please enough of the OP damage/HP because that has been nerf already. Have this thought ever crossed your mind that maybe the reason why the class seems ridiculously strong is because the player is good at it? the team is good on doing combo's and stuff? This server has a lot of dead sets and classes already because of players like this that thinks that the game is unfair just because they can't win. MAN UP!
  5. -1 First, Read this : So you'll have a better idea how to create a debatable suggestion. I see that you create a lot of suggestions already but none of them actually had an impact for what your saying to "balance" the server. Basically, you're just ranting about the class and not suggesting for the "server" to be balance. Advise: Almost all of the information about ragnarok is searchable (google), so instead of asking for another class to die, why not search for a counter first, understand how the skill works and maybe you'll see a better vision of what your saying here. Can you see a random TK/SG do PVP in for_fild? do BG? NO! because it's strength is based on a lot of terms (EX.Kihop). and in TK, you need to be a ranker that will takes a lot of time and effort to be a part of the top 10 in the server. In able for this class to boost its full potential, "numbers" is the biggest factor. Nowadays there is an existing "Big" guild in the server and if you're writting this suggestion because of their TK/SG players, Man! Don't blame them if they have loyal members who attend WOE and it's not the class fault if it's happen have a good numbers to party with, Try playing TK or SG with 5 to 10 people only on your party, Let's see if you can call it OP. Second factor here is the personal skill of the player who will use the class itself, because no matter how big the number of a certain guild is, No matter how OP the class is, if the player is not good, ofcourse expect a bad outcome. Man Up!
  6. Thanks for the response GM Dream, i get your point but Talking about pvp ladder is a completely different topic but it is related in creating DA. Maybe make pvp ladder somehow like an Event that will turn off on a certain time, like maybe 5 hrs a day? I dont know but thats what im thinking for this to be more fair for players who have jobs irl. If you guys are going to review the past results of pvp ladder, you'll see just the same people on top, yes they are good pvpers but we cant set aside the fact that they are also the ones that have all the time in the world to play. Also, some people actually choose to play pvp on field vs. playing in pvp ladder. I think its just fair enough to probably lessen the required pvp tokens to create DA and probably change it to something (donation item or something thats quite hard to get ingame) thank you and more power.
  7. Nice update! Btw, are you guys planning to have a black friday / cyber monday sale on tokenshop?
  8. Good Day, Just a simple question about these cool Monthly Collectible Headgears, Can we still make it LTD if we combine it with a LTD Box? because it seems that its LTD already by default. Thank you.
  9. B>LoliHat or Any Magical HG Comment Your IGN :) Budget is 1.2k - 1.5k toks. Thank you.
  10. Hi, Question, Does anyone know where can we compound this Cursed Wizard Rune? is it same as the sniper that should be compound on weapon? or can it be compound on accessory? Sorry but it seems that it is not indicated on the webisite. Thank you in advance :)
  11. Thank you for your input. i dont know why when the topic is "monopoly" on the server, people normally just remain silent. and yes Regarding the DA it should be very hard to do , hard but it should be not impossible. i still think that changing the PVP token requirement to create the DA will give a fair chance to other players. i hope GM's will review this. thank you.
  12. Good Day, "This is just a suggestion, always subject for review but all of your inputs my fellow players will be much appreciated" Suggestion: Change the requirements to make the Dragonist Armor, Specifically, change the "PVP TOKEN" to something else and i think it will be much better if that item will be available in forsaken store as a donation item just like the donation cape/jacket as part of the quest to do the blessed/cursed/guardian rings,etc. Fact: Yes it is Fun doing PVP, and i tried to anticipate all the possible rebuttals of this suggestion such as "If you cant win on pvp, then try to build a party and GANG", "Practice and be a PRO so next time maybe you can win". and a lot more, but what concerns me is, how about those players that doesn't have all the time in the world to play. The current PVP system works on a ladder mode and open for a whole week before it declares the top players and wins the PVP tokens. Point is, some players are actually have jobs, so even on their free time and on their rest days they do pvp for like 24 hrs, still they're chance is too low to be on top of the ladder since their time of playing will be limited when they have to go to work. Another thing that this suggestion might heal or lessen is the monopoly on the server, i'm sure you guys will agree that there is "Feeding" on this current PVP Ladder system that we have right? I'm sure GM's are doing everything that they can to prevent this but of course they have they're own life to live as well and there are lots of ways to feed nowadays that is basically not that obvious, (You know who you are). For me, By doing this, other players will have a much better chance to get the Dragonist Armor and will have a fair chance to win against other player in other events like woe/gvg/br even this PVP. Imagine a whole guild monopolizing the pvp ladder, imagine a whole guild that consist of 30 - 40 players all having full gears and all wearing Dragonist Armor. i think they have a bigger chance to win on every event like WOE/GVG/BR compare to other guild then what's gonna happen next is there might me no more competition, other's might just quit or just choose to play other events rather than participating on those major events, and the sad part is, these active players are usually get bullied thru the broadcast system since they just choose to not fight anymore. On donation part, yes maybe other people's resolution is to donate pure tokens then just buy Dragonist armors ingame, im not against on this idea but the fun of doing the quest , knowing the story line and the essence of the game itself will be remove so i thinks it is just fair if we change the requirements in doing the DA. You guys know yourselves as a Pro, and i know DA is not that big deal for those players that are really good in pvp but for others, this will give a little chance to possibly gives a better competition. By the way, im not saying to make the DA easy to get ingame, I just want it to me more fair to all players. Thank you and more power Fro!
  13. Ok, here's my entry, "Money game" having a little fun with my friends XD
  14. Oh shoot, now it answers my question. thank you so much bro. so i think i should buy another striking HG and not the necromancer hood. whew. Thank you again!
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