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  1. Let me tell you a story ... that will change your night ... Does anyone likes late night walk ? Well I do ... It just felt relaxing at times a sanctuary I live in a dorm and whenever i go out , i bring a spare key with me to unlock the door since they lock it at night One day a friend told me "hey who's that friend that u walking with every night ... I didn't know I thought I was alone ... so I asked "what friend ? I always walk alone ... " My friend replied "didn't u see ? " I replied " .... see what ? " then suddenly my friend said ... " u know the .... t-he ... t-hee .... that's weird i can't remember. " That day I thought "oh sily u maybe u seeing things haha" ........ but I never realized I will regret it that day ... Later that night ... what my friend said still bothering me so I took my nightly walks so calm as ever but suddenly I kept remembering what my friend said ...... then suddenly I felt it - looks back I felt a gaze ... like when someone ... something is staring .... I kept walking but felt uneasy so I decide to run After running for a while I came home ... but that uneasiness never disappeared When I was about to reach out for my keys .... something suddenly said .... " K-ke-ys " So i tried finding it but couldn't ... did I drop it somewhere ? ... then again I heared " ...... K-ke-ys " I instantly looked back ! but saw nothing .... It felt so weird like someone whispering ... so I kept searching but when I turned my head my body froze .... I saw it .... slowly it whispered " .... J-j-juliaa .... ur k-ke-yss " then it said with a creepy smile " A-ahh .... u f-finall-y f-found m-me hee-hee " *panick crycry* HALLLLLLLLLLLLLLP "I'm Your bestie.... SURPRISEEE!!!" said her. "$%^*#@!~^&%&*%$#@"
  2. this is my last pose with them before I tribute to a famous artist :D "every dancer's dream is to dance on stage, I'm also a dancer I have that dream"
  3. Dakka still aliveee ? :D
  4. Julia sophie

    Squad Goal

    Nice signature , createe 1 for mee pleaseee :3
  5. "I don't know what I think. All I know it that most of the time, I would rather be with him than anyone else I know."
  6. sunbathing on the beach is one of the fun moments of the new year ,feeeeel freshh :)
  7. TIGER LILY [URBAN LEGEND] Ragnarok Online is one of the first and oldest online gaming in Indonesia originating from South Korea. Ragnarok Online is famous among the players community features, such as chat and play together. I also was one of the fans RO since the beginning of this game go to Indonesia. But who would have thought there was a story behind the sinister pleasure of Ragnarok Online. Tiger Lily is an urban legend that Ragnarok had a boom in the early years of the triumph of Ragnarok. Background of the time this story begins when the 2nd Job has not entered into Indonesia. At the same time, in the Philippines there is a server named Tiger Lily character, this character is short-haired novice who always 'hanging out' in the house where the portal to the Orc Dungeon is located. Interestingly, Tiger Lily has a habit that is quite strange, the whole day (when he is online) he simply seen sitting with his face against the wall, pull out the occasional emoticon. Oddly enough, he only online at certain hours, ie 8 pm - 6 am. Exactly at 6 am, then he will disconnect from the game. Maybe people just think prankster or BOT, but all this thinking changed when some people realized its odd habits and moved on to greet Tiger Lily. When people approached him, he never chat or move from place answered and yelled "GO! DO NOT COME NEAR ME (mention the real name of the player) !! ". Yes, the original name of the player and not nick his character. This shock was continued shortly after he expelled the player, the connection to the game will be disconnected without notice or notification.Followed by breaking up the Internet connection, the players admitted that the bedroom light flickering own. Even to anyone experienced computer freeze and die lights. There is also the source as saying that Tiger Lily is a female player who died in front of his computer when it is playing Ragnarok Online in 2004. After 100 days of her death, there was a lot of strange happenings, and one of them is the mysterious case of the above. Some players who never met Tiger Lily refused to clarify or talk about the case further. Reportedly, they shut up because Tiger Lily appeared several times in their dreams and lead to paranoia and trauma victims experience. I hope this hallowen She not coming T^T
  8. B> Guardian Gypsy Ring ^ω^
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