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  1. Ohh like that sorry im forgott 😄 , ty GM tenjin :3
  2. Hmmm GM can you help me to claimm my ID ? 🙂
  3. Let me tell you a story ... that will change your night ... Does anyone likes late night walk ? Well I do ... It just felt relaxing at times a sanctuary I live in a dorm and whenever i go out , i bring a spare key with me to unlock the door since they lock it at night One day a friend told me "hey who's that friend that u walking with every night ... I didn't know I thought I was alone ... so I asked "what friend ? I always walk alone ... " My friend replied "didn't u see ? " I replied " .... see what ? " then suddenly my friend said ... " u know the .... t-he ... t-hee .... that's weird i can't remember. " That day I thought "oh sily u maybe u seeing things haha" ........ but I never realized I will regret it that day ... Later that night ... what my friend said still bothering me so I took my nightly walks so calm as ever but suddenly I kept remembering what my friend said ...... then suddenly I felt it - looks back I felt a gaze ... like when someone ... something is staring .... I kept walking but felt uneasy so I decide to run After running for a while I came home ... but that uneasiness never disappeared When I was about to reach out for my keys .... something suddenly said .... " K-ke-ys " So i tried finding it but couldn't ... did I drop it somewhere ? ... then again I heared " ...... K-ke-ys " I instantly looked back ! but saw nothing .... It felt so weird like someone whispering ... so I kept searching but when I turned my head my body froze .... I saw it .... slowly it whispered " .... J-j-juliaa .... ur k-ke-yss " then it said with a creepy smile " A-ahh .... u f-finall-y f-found m-me hee-hee " *panick crycry* HALLLLLLLLLLLLLLP "I'm Your bestie.... SURPRISEEE!!!" said her. "$%^*#@!~^&%&*%$#@"
  4. this is my last pose with them before I tribute to a famous artist :D "every dancer's dream is to dance on stage, I'm also a dancer I have that dream"
  5. Dakka still aliveee ? :D
  6. Julia sophie

    Squad Goal

    Nice signature , createe 1 for mee pleaseee :3
  7. "I don't know what I think. All I know it that most of the time, I would rather be with him than anyone else I know."
  8. sunbathing on the beach is one of the fun moments of the new year ,feeeeel freshh :)
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