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  1. Furax360

    S/T> Items

    S> Maroon Aqua aurora = 20k toks S> LTD Maroon imp = 2.5k S> Black Yin Yang = 12 k S> Str Cursed = 7k S> Chamb B Angel set = 3.5k S> +10 Brutal Leopard = 1.5k S> 3 ohels , 2 kitty claws , 1 lokis dagger , eisa ember = 1.5k ea T> all of this item for any BR emp
  2. Furax360

    Assorted headgears

    +1 on giving assorted additional base 15 vit
  3. Good times and crazy friends make the best memories The great thing about getting older is that you dont lose all the other ages you've been.
  4. There are also other ways of killing thanatos (Bloody branches / thana summon scroll). I've hoarded thana room before , but it took me awhile before i learned the right timing in entering the room.
  5. KEEP CALM Because You're Not Too Old For An Easter Egg Hunt Easter tastes better than Halloween, and you don't have to ring a lot of doorbells.
  6. LIVE LAUGH LOVE IF THAT DOESN'T WORK, LOAD , AIM AND FIRE. " Remember how far you have come, All the battles you have won, The fears that you conquered, And tell that person who is trying to bring you down, To go to hell. " "They see me rollin, They hatin" xD
  7. Furax360

    White Herbs

    Use an accesory with hermit plant card . then kill plant monsters (rafflesia at lhz_fild01)
  8. are you sure its pepe's member? post proof please
  9. Furax360

    C ring quest

    err dont bother to reply. my friend gave me wrong pharaoh emblem :O ,, all good now
  10. Furax360

    C ring quest

    I farmed all the correct items but loki is not accepting them... 2000 Loki's Whispers (7019)1000 Burning Heart (7097)1000 Will of the Darkness (7340)600 Cat's Eye (7263)200 Hand of God (1009)201* Necklace of Wisdom (1007)1 Piece of Darkness (17010)1 Cursed Hand (2728)1 Goddess of Fortune's Cursed Brooch (2652)1 Morrigane's Belt (2650)1 Morrigane's Pendant (2651)1 Bobbin of Goddess (17011)1 Broken Crown (17012)1 Broken Pharaoh Emblem (17013)1 Magic Stone (17014)1 Thor's Gauntlets (17025)1 Andvari's Magic Ring (17026) loki is always saying "That is not what i need" can someone please help me
  11. Furax360


    where's your save point
  12. can anyone help me please, where can i farm aquamarine , mobs and place to farm it? mobs given by whodrops seem wrong, hope someone can help me and thx a lot in advance
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