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  1. @Forsaken Players I'm glad you're thinking out of the box, but you should come to fild from times to times and you'll see what I mean about GS, HW and Clowns. The idea of reflecting HW is good… for novice HW who Don't Storm gust... GS are my food in fild and in WoE You should duel a real Clown to see what I mean Ninja's can definitely be countered on auto attack in a corner while they FS… and that's only one way to kill them. I am fully geared, I love the pvp, to be honest I think I love it more than anything else in this game so please come in fild share your point of view
  2. I like the idea of getting out of slavery the pallies so they can fight back though 😄 But I'd rather see a buff in shield chain and holy cross damage with special runes improving those.
  3. I Don't agree with all your points Forsaken Players. Ninja can be countered by a lot of skills, the right set of cards can reduce the damage of FS GS are really easy to kill. You just need to catch them before they do, or hide, or pneuma + rsx… HWiz Don't need the redux back, they are already a pain in the ass to kill. I Wonder how they die honestly sometimes. And when I kill on I only think of either they got out of seeds or they just lack of expeirence Clowns are really hard to tank, I agree on that but I kind of adapted to their gameplay. Still the hardest class to tank. Finally, please check the damage of classes because there are a lot that deal more than 60k per hit… and it's still tankable.
  4. Shadow leap works again in fild /gg, thanks for the fix !
  5. Nice update so far ! There is one concern about the shadow leap in for_fild01 : You can't do it anymore or is it just me?
  6. Sacred Light

    JAILED !

    Hi GMs, My char got jailed with the botcheck while I was killing mobs, I typed each single code 234, HARPY and KIEL and got jailed. This is the first time it occured, and I don't know how it happenned but please get me out of jail with explanation in order to avoid this error ! Char name : Magic Light Thank you a lot !
  7. if you do me a favor ill help you to your saiyan[2],, join my event here.. http://forsaken-free.weebly.com/new-page.html

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      tell me if you are done

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