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  1. How is Amicable now? I don’t know that we also have friends that are having health problems. I do have also but I won’t tell. I hope s/he is fine now..
  2. GM’s, I would like to ask why my ip was banned? I didnt play for a couples of days coz I’m quite busy with my work. After my connection was upgraded from old adsl to fibra and now, only just now when I log in it says my ip was banned bec. of phping... Whoever reported that may i know Sir/ma’am? Bec. all I remember if ever they have SS when I was at go 7, I only said this thing, “maybe I might sell my account to pay my hospital bill” bec. I do have really a bone problems in my back neck tbh, but I’m still playing and enjoying this game to ease my pain & loneliness, and to lessen the stress at work. I just say those words not in a serious way that I gonna sell my account, bec. actually I’m here in italy and the hospitals here are free of charge. I’m just joking that time, sorry for that. The other thing I remeber is when I said at fcity maybe I’m near to quit fRO bec., I have no time at all bz at work & everything. But, I made up my mind, I will still play RO but not often.. I’m telling all things to you Gm’s with honesty and no hidden agenda. I really love this game 100% since I started playing, you can check my records everything that I have, all my complains and suggestions =).. GM please this is my favorite game among all the games. I don’t even play dota or other online games and this had happened to me. Can you please unbanned my account? I’m begging you for whatever reason kindly give me a chance.. I hope I can play again.. Thank you again and Godbless to all! ?
  3. I wonder if we can add a little color to this card having a reduce damage to demi human by atleast 3% since some players were not only using this for raids but also killing Mvp's and Pvp'ing.. What can you say guys?..
  4. I would like to suggest if we can do something about upgrading Auras making them more colorful and more beneficial. First, the leg.auras, I noticed that some of the leg.auras were being left behind the leg.myth/zod/lhz including the rare aura candy/snow flakes aura, and also the sun & moon aura. People rather choose Originals/LTD's instead of legendaries or other quests auras mentioned. I hope they gonna have a short story line for these but bulk of items to farm in order to finish the quest. With this, no need for them to buy from people, donate or to wait for a donator(s) bec. the main auras were given already (leg.auras etc..) ready to be upgraded w/ the story line and we can call it "native" eg. Legendary Native Blue Mythical Flame Aura etc.. Second, if we can upgrade a new version of Original Auras of Lhz/Zod/Rop/LoveAura/Butt/MythF/SA/SPA near to the effect of Ltd Emp. like making them Ltd too but not the LTD name itself, a diff name maybe (let me think of it).. "paradigm", Paradigm Skull Prince Aura etc.. Now, with regards to the Ltd Emp., I think we can do some adjustments on the stats making it +35 all stats instead of +33 and 7% dmg to demi human instead of 4% and we call it "elite" Limited Elite Edition Red Emperium. To the newly added quest but in limited year/season only the "Bat Ring Aura" hopefully it will also have the remake or upgraded version like Original Auras bec. it has the replica stats effect of the normal Emperium and we can call it "eclipse" Eclipse Bat Ring Aura. Above all, for my last words... I'm not expecting a lot from you guys bec. I know this has a lot of rework to do and will gonna twist the minds of our GM's and developers of the game. I'm just suggesting though hopefully it will be come true ...in the future =) People of the city will then gonna be more happier coz there are lots of quests waiting for them to gear up. All geared and semi geared players can now have a harmonious relationship enjoying WOE's/GvGs/BR's/PvP Ladder etc.. And with that no one are left behind, all are treated equally by their corresponding leaders, in and outside the city. Thank you again guys & Godbless...
  5. They made the LkG variant very unuseful. The hp added didn't help much since thana users will gonna eat you alive in the battle. They didn't even bother to look on the WizG variant and ChampG variant which is very OP. Champ and Wiz can kill knight easily, 2-3hits by champ & stave crasher of wiz that deals more damages more than the SB of knight & adding the skill of prof the mind breaker to wiz double up the damage, more or less 100k 3hits died. How is that? Its better to use B and C variants rather than using G variants of knight. Hopefully they do something regarding this matter.
  6. There are 2 choices "reset look" & "reset position" , i choose "reset position" and it works, thanks! Btw, what does "reset look" means just curious..
  7. GM can u help me up my char lhey_wizard can't move on to splendide 100_200. I type the wrong coordinates that's why im getting the same error and can't play properly now with my wizard. I hope you consider this matter. Thank you & Godbless!
  8. Yeah, I hope too they bring back the old stuffs(items/headgears)! I like the Siva or Shiva, its a lower headgear. Is it possible to be questable like Death Of Angel? Grant our wishes GM's & Admins. .Thanks & Godbless!
  9. Is it possible to double the size of this map? Just a suggestion GM's/Admin's to help the non geared players that usually farms treasure boxes. Thank You & Godbless!..
  10. Hopefully this will be approve since not all the players are aware about the thana effect. A newbie once he/she has the equip sets, the first that comes into his/her mind is to refine them making it +10 not knowing the consequences. Even I, more than 2mos. playing here and still keep on researching. At first, all I know when you refine the item by 10 it gives more added defense since it was refined at the maximum height and we have no worries with that. But, when I ask somebody only this past few days, he says there is a disadvantage behind after the refining and that's the thana effect. Sir/Ma'am I'm at a bias part now I know but, can you consider? This server offers "item removal" and "card removal" and why not Sir/Ma'am "derifiner" making +10 equip be back to 0 at kafra's counter?? We are all helpless if we have the +10 equip fighting against thana users. We're just wasting equips and votes if we have no chance to derefined it. GM & Admin's I know this is too much but, can you give us this as our ULTIMATE FAVOR/REQUEST so that everyone will be happy. Thank you again & Godbless!..
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