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  1. Which of these effect did the lovely ribbon aura get?
  2. Are there legendary spheres as well (grenade launcher ammunition)? For the new GS weapon that just got released.
  3. With the release of the new weapon for the GunSlingers and the weapon being a grenade launcher. Will you guys make Legendary Spheres as well? Because there's your legendary arrows and bullets.
  4. 7/11 Slurpee sounds good rn with this heat.....

  5. Conner


    any fix on this ?or update?
  6. Conner


    Experiencing this as well. It's been months now tbh.
  7. Conner


    lol the stability of the server is messed up. I live in the same state as you and I have 300mb down and I still lag lmao.from 30-50 to 300 during events or when there's alot of people active. Wonder if it'll ever get fixed, it's been like this for months now.
  8. Conner

    Squad Goal

    Didn't you guys split up with Amicitia recently LUL
  9. If squad goals isn't so damn cocky they wouldn't get so much hate. They think they run the server and thinks they're the best. Yet they can't accept banters when other guilds kills them and has the balls to do that post LOL. Way to go Ricardorch150494 . 


    Good job at playing the victim since they're your guildmates.

    I have SS of Niby and AgiKnight pm'ing me way worse than your SS.




    1. Brianology!


      hes actually right everything he said 100% true shiat lol sg ngas cocky af 

    2. warmgod


      u guys just sucks. sg is the best.

  10. Third time Leading Bw Raid = BIJOU DROP 



  11. Conner

    Selling Sets.

    S>Sniper G Sword Set / GS G SET / SG B SET / Lovely Ribbon + Nerthus Leave OFfer here :)
  12. Surprised Talby isn't in one of the list lol
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