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  1. remove thana card from this server then put the third class. just kidding. xD
  2. Merry Christmas to all the monsters out there!!! :D ALL I HAVE IS THEM! THEY MADE ME RICH WHILE THEY SACRIFICE THEIR LIVES! THANKS!
  3. oh he's using spaces too show gm genesis is there. xD
  4. I don't know him but.. there you can see my other char. "vheztij" and the scammer name i don't know he uses different kinds of letter. reason is to scam people.
  5. Scammer is using hack to hack the server then change his name he can even change his name into other players name. He can enter into pub even if the pub is full and even it is protected by password. Kindly look at my screenshots. Thanks.
  6. yeah this would be a problem too. Well I think they dont need to change anything just the hours of waiting.
  7. the price will remain because everyone has a chance to get it. if it remains in 1.0% with this suggestion the numbers of thanatos card in the server will increase and it will cause the price to go down. they just need to find another computer shop xD
  8. I have a suggestion about this dungeon, base on my experience I'm having a hard time entering this summon room not just me but other players too. So I would like to suggest something for all the players to experience this dungeon without affecting the price of this card. I want to suggest that this server gives every player, (like our voting system "WITH IP" to avoid using different characters) one day pass to this dungeon and reset the time for 24hours and reduce the drop rate of thana card to 0.05% it is better than the whole week we could not enter this dungeon. OR... they should just let us wait for 2 hours even we are out of the game.
  9. Thraze

    Crit Sniper Build? :)

    I want to know a guide for DPS too. So that I will not press any key but only my potion hotkey when MVPing.
  10. I Need A Guide For Full Dps Sniper Build & Cards
  11. Thraze

    How to Summon Thanatos

    you have already activated the crest..... nothing happens.
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