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  1. YEAH. POST YOU PRICE. IGN: Rawrel, iRoyce
  2. +1 the current hwiz is only for farming ang it's kinda sad to see them getting bullied.
  3. Yow Aero. Missed ya too bruh Also, I observed that you really crit alot at 81 crit. So my point is we can invest to other stats than putting it on luk but it's still people's preference if they want 100% crit
  4. ^^^ Wut he said is true. Use those arrow switching. But if you're lazy as hell, you can default neutral arrows because it deals a decent damage of 50k per FAS in evey abyss mob. EDIT: I take back what I said about having neutral property arrows as default xD Because shadow arrows are better against the red acidus. You can 1 hit them while dealing decent damage against the other mobs. Except the hydrolancer Like I said, fbh is useless in farming in abyss. Just switch your boots if your mind becomes evil enough to pk xD
  5. Since there are no guides on how to build a farming sniper, then I guess I should make one :th_ok: When farming in abyss as a sniper, you need the skill Focused Arrow Strike. Why? Because it can hit multiple mobs at once and it deals alot of damage. You can also use normal attack if you don't have kiels for spamming but FAS makes the farming faster :) Stats: Str: 50 base - you need this to carry some items and pots Agi: enough for 195 aspd. Put kiels first Vit: rest of the stats Dex: 190 ++ Int: 0 - you don't need this one Luk: Enough for 81 crit - because I believe that FAS gives +20 more crit. And that makes it 101. But if you're not contented, it's your choice to make it 101 excluding FAS's crit Make sure to use Falcon Eyes first before adding luk because it gives +10 more crit Gears: Upper Headgear: FKnight Helm cards: Kiel, and any other that you want xD Middle Headgear: L.Zodiac Aurora, L.LHZ Aurora, Fallen Ghost cards: Kiel Lower Headgear: Rucksack, L.Balloon, Infernal Cape, Scarf cards: Kiel ---you need the Kiels in the headgears to spam your FAS Armor: FKnight Armor cards: Ghostring+Tao / Ghostring+Pecopeco / Tao Gunka+Tao Gunka / Pecopeco+Pecopeco ---i prefer having GR because you might get hit but other sniper's FAS. They use neutral property arrows so GR really helps in reducing the damage. Pecopeco if you're poor :th_wah: Weapon: Legendary Sniper Bow cards: 2xTurtle General + 2x The Paper / 2xEarth Petite + 2xThe Paper ---earth petite if you don't have TGs yet. Each gives 20% damage on dragons Shield: FKnight Shield cards: Usakoring / Golden Thief Bug Garment: Fknight Cloak cards: 2x Pouring ---the +20% additional damage of two pouring cards helps killing acidus alot Footgear: Fknight Boots cards: 2x GEC / 2x Martyr / 2x Sohee / 2x FBH / FBH+GEC ---each GEC card gives 10% additional hp and sp for you to survive faster. If you don't have GEC, then Martyr should do for additional hp and sohee for additional sp. I wont advice FBH because it only lowers your sp and gives no damage bonus to acidus. But if you wanna pk some wizards while farming, then go for it. But those wizards might get mad and hunt you down with their geared main. And you'll end up crying. . . . . . like me :th_swt3: Accessory: 2x L. Dex Gauntlet Arrow: Any neutral property arrow. Or shadow arrows. I use shadow arrows because our main target is the red acidus and they are weak against shadow property. I can deal 70k damage on the red acidus with just the npc-bought shadow arrow. Bring immaterial arrows too if you wanna play the villain ang pk others Strategy Guide: Kill the Acidus!! Kill!!! FAS! BOOM! BOOM! BANG! BANG! Yeah! Is that all you got you damn dragon?!! KILL! KILL! KILL! BANG! BAM! FAS! FAS! BANG! BOON! KILL!!! This is my first guide so I'm sorry if it's a bit confusing :th_swt3: I tried to share almost everything of my knowledge so I hope it helps ^.^
  6. If only we can play Ragnarok Online using Nervegears, that would be more fun

    1. Show previous comments  10 more
    2. Monaco96


      just Imagine the time it takes to break emperium..maybe 1 hour still not enugh heuheue

    3. sartorius19


      and imagine meteor storm while breaking. and putting safety wall on emp so u guys cant break it. mwahahahaha

    4. elykarmic


      and i will be like kirito :)

  7. Royce

    Knight Quest

    I decided to make my HW a knight but when I completed the quest, I got nothing. Even the additional stat points weren't given. And the worse thing is, my 1k chivs are gone :th_swt: Anyone know how to solve this?
  8. Royce

    High Wizard Card

    thanks for the answers :D
  9. Royce

    High Wizard Card

    does having a high wizard card allows your magic to bypass the effect of GTB?? advance thanks for the answers :D please don't say things like "why dont you test it and find out yourself?" because I dont have the money to buy hwc yet :th_swt3:
  10. Royce

    Dual Login?

    is dual login not illegal here in fRO?
  11. B>Muscovite[4]GTB[25] pm Royze !!

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