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  1. ~ Nothing ~ For it is the absence of Everything Nothing is my Hideout
  2. normal 1point/vote isnt a newbie friendly anymore :( my friend just joined days ago .. and we told him its 2points per vote .. but suddenly became 1.. he got disappointed .. and he finds it hard to have semi geared items .. even on questing .. :3 please return to 2 points
  3. best/ most active Event Game Master of Forsakenro /no1 dun leave us .. we need your lemons /rice

  4. WHERE AM I NOW ? "We Started From The Bottom Now We're here " -Drake
  5. what property reduces damage from demi human ?
  6. Trading my Gold Legendary Zodiac Aurora to your Blue Legendary Zodiac Aurora Leave Reply :D
  7. +1 and time increase just like joe said +1
  8. Once In A Lifetime: finding a group of strangers that accepts you for who you are and treats you like a FAMILY
  9. +10 to this .. need new princess like hairstyle xD
  10. safari balls are given as i enter the safari ? how many of it ?
  11. or perharps a small castle for novices .. like something not too big and not too small .. but for baby jobs .. the regular size ones .. ive seen a baby WOE before but a Novice WOE ? thats what i want to see xD
  12. well.. still novice woe would be fun xD also that baby WOE
  13. Well.. since there are WOE for the pro's and fully geared people.. why don't we give the newbies/Novices a WOE too ? Req. : Almost the same requirements and must have in a pro WOE .. but the castle and emperium is a bit weaker .. come on they're just novice xD also a new woe map for the novice castles xD 2nd suggestion.. Baby WOE .. where baby characters with their guilds compete with each other for the glory and pride of having a castle xD Baby Woe and Novice woe ? isn't it cute ? xD
  14. when i enter.. how will i capture the ones i want ?
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