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    I'm boring. D:

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  1. i'll be back. ;]

    1. DeviChi


      ill miss you mommyy hahahaah :D

  2. Still be at 7 am server time, just on a Sunday opposed to a Tuesday. I feel as if this would be easier for most players than a Tuesday. Just figured I'd suggest it. v _ v
  3. xSeraphina

    This Or That?

    A leech stuck in my belly button. ._. Being accused of robbing a bank or your mom seeing the stuff you say on the internet? xD
  4. Sniper would die too fast given the amount of damage we all do... In any team fight, a proff would dispell then bolt for nearly 350k, an asura would likely one shot them and yeah. We kinda need our shields. :c
  5. xSeraphina

    Price Check

    theyre usually 2 tokens each.
  6. dream of pink emp gone :c

  7. well looks like im becoming a breaker.
  8. Welcome. (: Your picture looks sooo familiar! But I can't seem to put a name on it yet. xD
  9. \ Need I say more? n_____n <3
  10. It's not completely relevant, but leap was a pretty fun skill that soul linkers had and this sorta makes them not-as-fun. They're not a very popular PVP class, and I haven't seen any complains about how "leap" was imbalanced for it to be disabled... I don't understand why it stopped working to begin with. Unless for_fild01 was turned into the same map type as the PVP rooms, which also doesn't allow leap? Anyways, please allow leap again c:
  11. I think you'll have to get some zeny and buy the skill points..
  12. +1 to the moving Continental messenger. It's annoying.
  13. What the person above said. ^ Type /bm and then assign a skill to each of the f1-f9 keys, however instead everytime you type /bm F1 will be Q, f2 will be W and so on. F1 will be z to . > It takes awhile to get used to. :)
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