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  1. Actively looking for a Purple Emp. Hit me up for some PM maybe we can work something out if you need donation items. Check my post here http://www.forsaken-ro.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=26032&p=321082. Cheers! <3

  2. Hit me up, HeyPepper, and I'm in NA. If you're an ADC I can defo support you (that is if we get duo bot when we queue for ranks). I'm support main and also a jungler (switching between Jax, Vi, Xin Xhao, and Shyvana, <3). I'm currently a Silver III smurf (Gold II from my lost and cannot retrieve account). Lol..the days of OP AP Yi and Vayne's first release. I don't give a shit if I'm far from her...I'd still flash to get to an even more safer spot and away from when she ults. xD I shit bricks when she goes invisible and yell RIP. xD
  3. B>Purple Emp (see details over here if we can work something out http://www.forsaken-ro.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=26032&p=321082). cheers! :)

    1. plok123



    2. sshinytoyguns


      XD...no not yet, but i am actively looking for a purple emp to replace my friend's purple emp. xD

    3. plok123


      you better let me know :(

  4. Hi fRO! :th_gawi: Buying: Purple Emperium - 3k (I can also donate for your desired items that would equal the same value as the purple emp. I am well aware how messed up the economy is at the moment. 3k is my offer. Nothing more, nothing less. Message me and maybe we can work things out if you desire any donation items.) I am a Donator with a limit of two ($50 limitation) donations per month. (Not offering any donation help unless you will trade it for a Purple Emperium) PM me or comment here if you're interested. If we can come up with a reasonable donation to tokens conversion then leave the donating to me. :) For shits and giggles or if I feel like it I can be for hire: (No farming services for now) Farming Services - I need the monster, coordinates for it, and how many you need (DIsclaimer: I am only active after 6pm (UTC -08:00, Pacific Time, US & Canada, and also on the weekends. Shoot me a PM or comment here and I'll see what I can do for you.) Flat Rate Fee: < 500 items = 7 tokens > 500 items = 15 tokens Full LHZ Aura quest = 40 Let me know if you have any questions! Cheers, Laura :th_no1: (Alyxia)
  5. I've done the same thing. Sometimes I wonder..."HOW THE FUCK DID YOU GET TO PLAT???!" xD
  6. LOOOL! I think that would be a pain for you...with all the lag latency and shizz... o.o
  7. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! I'm mainly checking what's new here. xD If I get my rear moving then I might pop in to say hello. xD
  8. I'll have to agree with this one. I always thought it was Gold tier to be honest, but guess not. I have a couple of Plat friends that I play with everyday and they said the amount of trolls you see in Bronze equals to the amount of trolls you encounter in Plat tier. Sad story..."Plat players playing like Bronze" or "You encounter Plat players who play like in Master tier and constantly beat the shit out of you" is what I always hear them groan about. .___.
  10. Yeah, I'm curious about this one as well. I'm an avid follower of the LCS to know who's team are getting dumped on and dominating. Cheers, Laura
  11. erm. not back yet. i rarely get mad when i get KSd. it's pvp.
  12. Fallacy...your name sounds familiar mate. Forgive my aging noggin... D:
  13. Oh nice! A league thread? This is awesome! I play in NA server. As far as ranking S1 - none S2 - 1700 ELO S3 - wasn't active at all I am currently a Silver II (and still climbing up) in my new smurf account for S4 since I couldn't retrieve my old account from when I stopped in S2. I main support and occasionally jungle if I feel like it. Favorite Champions Support Role: 1. Lulu (I also use her for top laning) 2. Nami 3. Sona 4. Leona Jungle Role: 1. Rengar 2. Jax (used for top lane as well) 3. Kha'Zix Hit me up if you're defo in NA server. I'd love to play some rift with you! Cheers, Laura
  14. HEY HEY HEY AWESOME PEOPLE! <3 Hi Ray! Yeah they got him and in fact the trial is set in motion next year around the end of February. Hopefully, he will get the maximum sentence. >.> Are you active again playing fRO my friend? :)) Sup my dear! Are you still active here? I'm doing fine. :D Things are slowly coming back in to place. Just gotta keep floating ya know? I have been playing league as well (*cough cough* i mean you see it from all my IG posts...haha) I miss you my dear! <3 Cheers, Laura
  15. Sup fRO community! Holy hell...it's been lightyears ago since I last logged in. I'm planning on making a comeback, but I just don't know when. Haha! I defo miss my old friends here and hope when I come online you guys are still active! (You know who you guys are!) ...and I wonder if I will be KS'd once I popped in on the fild. Haha! What's new?? What's new?? Who's the dominating and fierce guild now? :D Looking forward to hopefully seeing you guys soon! <3 xo, Laura (Alyxia/Laurabear)
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