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  1. i have read a couple of guides here and i never saw any mention of mobster card. wouldnt that be useful on a crit sinx since it saves stat points from luk and gives a damage bonus?
  2. i got 2 FBH for my sniper and my total SP is like 500. i am able to use FAS like 4 times (if that) and my SP is gone. why use 2 FBH if you have no SP for your skills?
  3. Redring Balloon L. poring party hat L. wolf pup L. sniper bow 2 x dex gaunts angeling card maya card 3 x kiel 2 x gemini c. sniper rune please leave offer or PM me. IGN: Vinor
  4. hey, if you're still recruiting I would love to join. IGN is Vinor
  5. i just finished making a dragon aura and the description doesn't make any sense. Says it is only for arch bishop but I can equip it on my sniper? Can someone please clarify the stat bonuses?
  6. Hey id love to join, sounds like a good group! IGN Vinor, i will look out for the guild symbol or PM Me
  7. PC as title says, thank you!
  8. Hey definitely interested in joining if you're still recruiting. Do you have certain classes you're looking for over others?
  9. I know you can't give put info on the frigg quest, but when I was looking at the original post for it I was a little confused. I thought the npc was in forsaken village somewhere, is that correct?
  10. I have done a good amount of the legendary quests to gear up and just wondering what people think is a good quest to do after those main first ones. I have the weapon, zodiac, all the wings, balloon, rucksacks, gaunts, etc.
  11. Vinor

    Price Check

    How much are ifrit cards and incantation samurai cards now?
  12. Thanks all, didn't know that about FAS, makes a lot of sense.
  13. In reading other guides I saw get 101 crit, why only need 84 now? How would the DS build differ from FAS if I don't have enough HP or damage to make it worth while?
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