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  1. group ba namin to? ahahaha

  2. Yep, the dopple card only helps abit of the aspd which is still not good enough. I would prefer giving more hp% in the highness.
  3. In regards to this question, I think the reason is due to siroma or imp card which help additional of 50% more dmg to either firebolt or cold bolt. If you look at another point of view, the bonus for the cold bolt of 15% is really good as it makes up to 65% more dmg now in total. Like you mention, water is one of the most common element used on the server which is why we wizard should make use of both fire(meteor storm by using 2 salamander card that increase 80% more dmg) and water element (2 siroma card as well as ring which makes up to 65% more dmg) when fighting. I do agree that bolt is kinda slow and earthspike or napalm vulcan will be faster but the sad part is both does not have any card increment for their dmg =\ All in all I would say be it cold bolt or earthspike, single target magic is always at a disadvantage to wizard because a reflect of it can just kill us instantly due to the low hp. I do like the idea of loli hat being immune to freeze. wahha. That will be awesome. And yes definitely increase of wizard hp will be the best part of it. But well, the topic of increasing wizard hp had been said so many times and up till now it still remain the same. I think no one cares about wizard =(
  4. Some of them are still available until now like Grand peco hairband.The mob drop hats are still active but people are just lazy to collect them for being just 0.01% drop rate.Snowflake and Halloween hats are just available @ special seasons so lets wait till the next couple of updates :) Overall +1 to this for some new vote hats(definitely love to have pokemon headgears >_<) Oh and +1 also if they include something new to the quest room :D
  5. yep, that'll will bring down my int point or vit point =( =\ you didn't read clearly. I did stated that I was not using any converter. This is because I'm trying to prove that % inflicted in stave will have more damage in having higher matk. If i use converter, probably u can see a few thousand damage difference. =D stupid john, i'm not asking to boost wizard. haha i'm asking for alternative weapon! xD
  6. Yup. That is what i had mention as well. If possible make a weapon like voluspa effect for wizard too xD. Well, I don't mind if magic damage output is reduce since it does not greatly affect the stave damage as proven in the images. It all depends on the inflicted % on stave. I can always switch between wiz highness for higher int and then another weapon for stave. That's how prof fight against gtb user and I hope wizard can do the same as well since it's really under rated in pvp =( Yes, wizard wasn't created to be great in 1v1 which is why i was hoping maybe some implement can be done for the wizard class. And I doubt a slight improvement in stave damage can affect much during WOE. You guys always tend to forget that wizard has a low HP and can't carry much HP healing item(such as seeds/berries) as well. So in order to cover up the loss, we have to increase vit point as well as str point which in return, we lack out in INT and thus lowering our matk. So do you think wizard class still can spam high matk damage on you? Yes it can still be done but remember there is always GTB to block it. I'm not asking to boost the wizard anyway but rather if possible implement on the weapon =)
  7. Ah~ my bad. 2tg and 1 skeleton worker will deal slightly more. since 3 tg is 1.6 and 2tg plus 1 skel worker is 1.61. hahaha true that. then more people will start to play wiz! xD
  8. Hi Reime, my screen shot is just an example so i didnt use any converter. hee. And probably u can try using 3tg and 1 incant, i think damage will be higher =D. Anyway, just curious you guys dun need to use phree? w/o phree i'll keep missing. haha. haha hmm, i think it will look funny on wiz holding a book. something that look similar to voluspa will be fine xD
  9. Hi to all~! I would like to suggest a small implement in the wizard Highness weapon. I understand that the weapon itself already have lots of buff and I actually like the way it is. However, as you guys may know, wizard in the first place already are at alot of disadvantage as compare to many class. I talk about the advantage first. Okay, in terms of damage reduction, definitely i feel it rank second(due to the energy coat as well as many redux equipment) after a full redux paladin. This cover up the loss of low HP on wizard which is why I understand why there is still no boost on wizard HP. Even though i find that it's still not sufficient enough for the wizard class. And yes, that's all the good thing about wizard class perhaps. Now let's make some comparison with the Prof class. We are talking about magic here right? So, I know that prof class have been nerf down such as not being able to use kingring and fbh which reduces the matk if use by them. This changes is good so as not to make the prof class too OP. However, does it really matter in this server since GTB is fully immune to magic. Well, So what does wiz and prof do when the opponent uses GTB? The ways to deal is either to strip which it's kind of redundant as ALMOST everyone fcp themself ~.~ or uses stave crasher to fight back. So lets compare the stave crasher of wiz to prof. Wizard Highness weapon - Increase damage of Stave Crasher by 40%, -10% damage from demi human, +20% hp, Max SP + 10%, + 30 int, MATK + 35%, 5% Possibility of casting Strip Shield, Enlarge Weight Limit Lv. 10, Enable the use of level 3 Deluge and Volcano. Professor Highess weapon - Enable use of lv 1 Stave Crasher, Enlarge Weight Limit Lv. 10, Max SP + 15%, Int + 35, Str + 35, MATK + 30% Voluspa Staff of Prophency weapon - Int + 20, Increase Magic Attack damage by 30%, Enable use of Level 1 Stave Crasher, Enable use of Level 10 Enlarge Weight Limit, Increase damage with Stave Crasher by 60% As you can see from yourself, wiz highness only increase by 40% as compare to voluspa of 60%. So whose stave will be higher? kinda obvious Now you may say this "but wiz highess has +30 int and matk +35% as compare to voluspa +20 int and matk+30%. so overall difference should help wizard stave to be about the same or higher right since stave also depend on matk." No doubt wiz highness is better in terms of the int and matk. And indeed matk allows to help improve stave crasher damage but it's only minor. Yes it's only minor. Let me show you some screenshots that i have tested. This first screenshot shows a matk that is higher. Don't mind my trolling weapon. that's not the right card for stave and no convertor was use. lol i'm not even at full int because of sacrificing the points to increase my vit -_- and look i still only manage to get 188k only. As you can see from the screenshot, my int is at 283+187 and matk of max 17216 Damage deal is 2997. Now this second screenshot shows a matk that is much lower but with increase of stave crasher damage. As you can see from the screenshot, my int now is at 283+162 and matk of max 15477. Difference of 25 int Remember wiz highess and voluspa difference? wiz highess +30 int and matk +35% voluspa +20 int and matk+30% And my damage deal? 3211 and i'm only using a hat that has 30% more stave damage. So am i right to conclude higher inflicted damage deal in stave % has better damage deal in higher matk? Not to mention, prof really have alot more advantage in their class as compare to wizard. Having skills like magic rod to block single target magic, Magnetic earth to block AOE magic, blinding mist to cause ranged attacks to have a -75% damage penalty, and -50 HIT penalty, Double casting(if only wizard have this lol), dispell, deluge of lvl 5 and volcano of lvl 5. That is why i'm suggesting, having another wizard valk weapon that is similar to voluspa (almost all class have 2-3 different kind of valk weapon) if not implement the current wiz highess such as hmm having hit +100 and removing Max Sp +10%(this is really useless) so we can utilize 1 more slot instead of using phree cards to cover the loss hit. I'm not sure any one agrees with me but that's how i personally feel and I'm also not asking for a must to implement wizard class such as boosting it and such. In fact i'm fine with now but it will be definitely better if some improvement can be done to it xD.
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    Mvp Summoning!

    OT>the leader XD
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    Mvp Summoning!

    ^its based on the number of post u make.correct me if im wrong o.o
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