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  1. I'd like to keep the fun going for the next 10 years. Really hoping Gepard will be disabled. less maintenance, too. Lol
  2. Disconnected. Part 2 of the update? Please let us know in advance. 

    1. dlsmizel


      We can't really tell when we can finish everything in the list. But we update everyone here on forums once we put up a new update.

  3. Hi! I don't know if this will be good or bad for the server. But I would like to suggest to have a vote expansion helm that works together with the vote forsaken king's set :) You can reduce the effect on the vote expansion helm so it won't be like the Donate expansion ones. Pros(Well this is only thing that I can see): • More votes, Forsaken RO will be #1 as fast as 1,2,3. xD • More players who cannot donate or buy donate items will be able to play with the players who got donate king set. :) Cons: nothing really. To add, Forsaken Knight expansion set will not help the server to be #1. Vote forsaken expansion helm will definitely help this server. Makes sense? :) Thank you \m/
  4. Agree with this. So remove Box of storm effect would be nice :) yeah, so if i want to use Box of storm, i want others to be unaware of it too. Make sense? xD
  5. Week 274 of PVP please :)

  6. Oh lol i mean add effects. I thought you were referring to adding visual effects xD Adding visual effects - for players to know what element other players are using ;) Removing visual effects(Box of storms) - for players NOT to know which element other players are using :D GMs decision which is better for the server :th_lv:
  7. Well, I want it to be fair with other players of course. It'll make gaming experience better because we'll know what element our enemy is using :th_ok:
  8. Hi! I just want to suggest removing the visual effects of different elements. Like, box of storms... etc xD OR add effects to all element buffs like CW, fire, earth, wind etc... :) Watcha say, guys? :D
  9. I totally agree. So does that mean way back 2008 it wasn't a balanced server? because of 2 handed bows? :th_swt: Regarding kitty claws, it will be all fine with SB sinx if we remain kitties to be a 2 handed weapon, what I'm trying to say is 2 handed weapons must be 2 handed. If balancing of classes is all that matters then better improve Sniper SB or any other bows effect like add some redux or maybe the reason why you made the sniper bows 1 handed is because it's easier than to put boost on it :th_ic: Thank you for your input. Just trying to make things clear. :th_swt3:
  10. I agree with you Veracity. Ragnarok is a fantasy not based on realism, you got that straightened out. But what am I pointing out here is regarding the classification of the weapon, i haven't played RO that has 1 handed weapons that are supposed to be 2 handed, if you want to balance the equipment of all classes, i suggest to give a boost on 2 handed weapons. :th_ok: not making them 1handed LOL
  11. Well then, if it's for the balancing of the server. i guess it shouldn't be the weapons classification, it should be balanced on the attributes of the weapon then :)
  12. True. but in the first place, why would they changed the 2handed weapon to a 1 hand weapon? Based on the Official RO sniper bows are 2 handed weapon same as Katars, then why did they changed the just the bow not all 2 handed weapon? I know this is not just the high rate server existing so far, but on other high rate servers do they change those 2handed weapons to 1 handed? (curiosity) :th_hmm:
  13. Thanks for the input. I got your point. But, the sniper bow based on Official RO is a 2 handed weapon. :th_e27:
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