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  1. so busy with school. :(

  2. Welcome! Enjoy playing fRO! Don't forget to vote! :)
  3. Passion

    Gm Schedules

    These are the times I'm available: Monday 6am - 12pm Server time Tuesday 6am - 12pm Server time Wednesday 6am - 12pm Server time Thursday 6am - 12pm Server time Friday 6am - 12pm Server time Saturday 10am - 12pm Server time Sunday Available pretty much the whole day. Depends though cause I might take this as a rest day *My schedules for the first part of the day might depend on if I wake up at that time.
  4. 4 hour stopover at Korea. :)

    1. Jodie


      Have a safe trip Passion! ;3

    2. Levis


      Yup, take care my Passion!

  5. Passion


    Good idea Decode, and nice suggestion bato. Well problems I would see here is what if our winners are offline for a significant amount time? I think a few tokens would be worth the prize. Other than that +1 in adding more events
  6. Zombie-Panda mode is now activated...

  7. noted and adding to broadcast outline.
  8. Passion

    Count To 3,000! ;d

    Ohh nice number, 2555
  9. Dango, dango, dango, dango ~

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    2. coffee break
    3. Passion


      Heeeell yeah! Man I had to watch it like each season 2 times to understand it. By far probably the best slice of life anime.

    4. Amicable


      Yeah, ;) Loved it so much

  10. [GM]Passion Country: Philippines | Timezone: GMT+8 | Language: English, Tagalog | Email: [email protected] RMS: EDITED SS: Palette : 232 Hstyle : 54 (It wasn't on RMS) Hcolor: 16 Pretty much just that. :) Red Glasses, Rose Mouthpiece, and Red Sacred wings. Thanks!
  11. Passion

    Count To 3,000! ;d

    The counting was messed up o_o According to the previous page we should be on 2519 But whatever! 2419!
  12. Passion

    Bm Keys

    I like this idea too! +1 It's a tiring effort to memorize the current way it is, and when I forget it I just end up pressing F12 all the time to review it. Hoping this can be made.
  13. Passion

    Zeny Farming Guide

    Farming Zeny Guide Method 1 Class Create a lvl 255 Assassin Cross. Stats Str- 300(for weight) Agi- enough for 195 aspd Vit- leftovers Int- leftovers Dex- 150 or instant Meteor Assault cast. Luk-0 **reminder** add dex before adding agi.** Equips (not really recommended) Any headgear with +15 stats. Mustache Angel Wing Ears Armor-any fire property armor Weapon - Katar of Frozen Icicle+10 Cloak- Any Muffler Boots- Any Accessory- have fun with vesper cores. Skills Meteor Assault(if you have kiels, you would be farming fast, and this skill is for area farming) Soul Destroyer(for distance killing) Backslide-stay out of trouble when theres really too many of them. Maps for_fild01/for_fild02/for_fild03/for_dun(idk the map, you need to get the forsaken dungeon pass for this one) Techniques type this to autoloot the item to sell immediately. @ali 2344 (that is to autoloot lucius volcano armor or so to sell). Next is to go to the maps and find the monster named Fox. Those foxes give that kind of armor which you will have to sell. One technique is to gather them up and run around and spam meteor assault. If you just see one Fox then cast Soul Destroyer. Backslide if you think you cant handle the mob. Forsaken dungeon is a fast way to farm these armors because of the mob. Spawn rate is as fast as hell and you gotta admit, you would really like to farm as fast as lightning. But you need fdun pass to do that. Selling When selling those armors you must click on an NPC which sells you stuffs and click sell. Then click toggle item amount on the bottom left corner of the window. A fast way to find NPC is to type @warp fcity 29 175 and click the alchemist and sell. Izlude 164 138 was suggested for no-twice warping. Its faster and better. Shortcuts Alt+1 for @warp for_fild03/etc Alt+2 for @warp fcity 29 175/@warp izlude 164 138 ~~Every 3mins my weight gets full and i can sell the armors for a total of 2m-3m zeny.~~ Method 2 Another way is to farm stone of sages. (this is fast if your equipped already) 1. Use a 255 Assassin Cross with Str at his maximum. No need for me to explain for the stats because it really depends on you this time. 2. Equips: Uppergear - Fhelm with 2x Vanberk Midgear - Any Myth/Fallen Ghost or slotted migear with Vanberk Lowergear - Any slotted lower gear with vanberk. Rucksacks preferred. Armor- Elite Armor with Angeling and Tao Gunka. Angeling would do the trick. Cloak- Elite Cloak with 2x Aliot/Raydrics or none. Boots- Elite Boots with Fallen Ghost Bishop 2x.(good dmg output) Accessories- ND/Donation Str belts Weapon - 2x TG+2x SkelWork on a +10 Specialty Jur or Fkatar 2x TG+2x Orc Skel on right hand and 2x SkelWork+2x Hydra/Goldenring/TG on left hand. 3. Skills: None, you just need to melee out. 4. Maps: tha_t07/tha_t08/that_09 5. Techniques: to autoloot stone of sages just type @ali stone of sages. And then melee them out to kill them. It would take you like 1min to farm 20 stone of sages which is equivalent to 1m. Stone of sages are farmed because of less weight and easy selling. 6. Shortcuts: alt+1 - @warp tha_t07(for small mobs) that_09(for more mobs but annoying thanatos dolors) alt+2 - @warp fcity 29 175/@warp izlude 164 138 Method 3 Another uncommon way. 1. Create a Baby Wizard 255. why? for extra stats which will be added to str. 2. Stats would be 200 to int and 100 to str and dex 150 for instant cast. Agi not really needed. But its up to you. 3. Equips: Anything would do but use Eagle Wing and Eagle Muffler combo which can be bought at some NPC, and your movement speed will increase by 25%. Good for farming. 4. Skills used: Storm Gust(common for Area farming and will freeze most of the monsters) Lord of Vermillion is for some monsters which are immune to ice skills. Magic Amplification (for damage) 5. Maps: gld_dun01/pay_dun04/pay_fild10/gld_dun03 6. Monsters: Am Mut/Dokebi/Cat O nine tails/ Leib Olmai (these monsters drop gold) 7. Techniques: Type @ali gold to loot gold only, this farming method is rarely used because of low drop rate of gold. Gold is sold at NPC for 100k each. Mobs of those maps stated are kinda low except pay_fild10 but the map is too big. 6. Shortcuts: Place those maps stated here at alt+1. (example @warp gld_dun01) alt+2 - @warp fcity 29 175/@warp izlude 164 138 TIP: use Merchant in selling and get the skill overprice to sell them with extra gold. You can also use a Whitesmith for farming because of the weight. Method 4 RavenFrost technique: stat : str : as much as possible, preferably 270++ agi : 187++ aspd, going above 192 are uncommon, but it's up 2 u. vit : leftover int : put some or let yggs / seeds handle ur mana problem dex: enough to hit foxes or mobs in fdun luk : not really needed equips : for the poor newb, use swordman set card (freezer,heater,assaulter,solider,permeter) and +10 to all equips use 3 vadon card on weps , and use box of storms.. +15 stat hat, and donation/ND str belt will be a great help too skill to use : concentration : more hit, more dps :p aura blade : more dmg = faster kill = faster zeny brandish spear : my main mobbing skill, it'll do a great damage and a wide splash damage, kill mobs easy autoloot @ali 2344 and here you go to easy zenny :D i reccomend using a dual client with whitesmith, then make a party, share items, and voila u have a double weight :D and 1 more, the great part is the whitesmith will have overcharge, and sell your items at a higher rate than ur LK Credits Original guide by xonchu.
  14. Killing an MvP for Dummies Introduction This is a simple guide to show newcomers how to kill an MVP on fRO since their HP has been major buffed to try and encourage teamwork. However, since you're new, you don't have many/any friends yet, right? Well read on to learn how to solo an MVP and gear yourself up! Also, do not try this as a way of making money. It's simply to get some cards for your gears instead of spending your hard earned tokens. Save them for an fset or something big. Index Chapter 1 - The Basic Idea Chapter 2 - Links and Resources Chapter 3 - Gears and Builds Chapter 1 - The Basic Idea Before you start to wonder which gears you need to use and how to solo these beasts, I'll fill you in on the simple secret. You'll need to make several accounts, as well as having your main account that you actually want to gear up. I suggest 3 accounts total for basic computers that cannot handle much, 5-6 if your computer can handle more is perfect. What you do is use your account that is already level 255 to party with these other accounts, warp to for_fild06, and level each of these "robot" characters to 255 as well. Make sure share exp is on for the party share (alt + z, then party setup). Personally, I suggest you make all of the "robot", or excess, characters the Sniper class. You'll see why later on, while your main does not have to be one as well it's a good idea. /* Edit 1/8/11 You can also use a star gladiator or two, use hatred on the MVP, and use the correct Mild Wind for the element against the mvp. Credit to HealHard, very nice idea */ Once they are all leveled up, you'll take them to the map of the MVP of your choice and attack it at the same time. Then warp in your main and start doing the real damage. Reminder: Have them all in the same party, and have @autoloot 10 on. Also, there will be one character taking damage, so have yggs hotkey'd on that character :) Doesn't sound like it will help? I timed how long it took me to solo a GTB on my Stalker using Lightning Spear of Ice, it took me 1 hour 20 minutes. After setting up two dummy snipers to aide in the fight it dropped to less than 20 minutes Read on to learn how to maximize damage. Chapter 2 - Links and Resources (Credit to Perishable) MVP Locations/Times to Re-spawn - Link (Credit to everyone who posted) Farming Zeny for Gears for your main - Link (Credit to yC) Find out MVP properties - Link (Credit to Ethereal) Forsaken Elite Quest (note that this takes awhile, however gives 2 slotted armors) - Link (Credit to Melody) Most basic MVP equipment set, highly suggested to get - Link Chapter 3 - Gears and Builds The build for your main is completely up to you, however with the snipers should have: Dex - 300 Agi - Just enough for 195 ASPD Vit - Everything else Again, before you try to do this try to at least get some decent gears on your main. The dummies are no matter, the only thing you should buy is a composite bow[4] in the Item Mall. Then attach 4 Abysmal Knight Cards onto each one. You can find Abysmal Knights in @warp gefenia02. Then just use the basic Forsaken gears given in the beginning. Some links to get quick armor and better gears are in chapter 2. I suggest the last guide on the list, it's worth the 10 minutes it takes to do the quest. Credits Original guide by Glazer.
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