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  1. Well, by every I didn't mean every single server out there, it's just a manner of saying, "almost every server out there", since in reality, I have not played in every single server out there. Shoot, I'd be damned if I've ever even played 1/9th of the servers in the RO game system. But yah this server is looking a bit like the server Genesis and I came from. (that is now shut down)
  2. If nobody donates for these at all - then the only way to obtain them is via. Donation. Wouldn't that make it donation exclusive then? Unless GMs start throwing them out during events. I mean, in the end, every server is non-donation exclusive if this is what you consider non-donation exclusive, which puts this server into the same place as every other. I've yet to find a server other than the official iRO server that bounds donation items to characters/accounts.
  3. Just hand this server to Asia in a silver platter. Or, let Asians adapt to the server. Regardless, Pinoy take up 80% of almost every server already. And this is an American server if I'm not mistaken. It's not an Asian server. Or iRO.
  4. Just rename the server into PhillippineRO Private Server.
  5. Thanks - &I actually don't know. Quite some time. That's not me at my prime or anything either. I took that before working out after a 1 month hiatus. You're doing really good dude, just keep it up. You're bulking up really well. And - a picture of me with a shirt on. It was in a car.
  6. Damnascus


    Be a dick and don't be a pussy. I'm serious. As messed up as it sounds, girls love being treated like shit. Lure her into a convo by being yourself and not being so nice and stuff cause then she'll ONLY SEE YOU AS A FRIEND. So you've gotta be kind of messed up. Then don't call or text her. Wait until she texts you. Make her want you.
  7. This picture is badass. Anyways, hi guysze. i miss some people here. :) Only the few hardcore and not-arrogant players that didn't think they were tough shit behind a computer screen. And the ones who knew how to act their gender. I've gotta work on my shoulders. Bulking is over so yeah.
  8. I saved my heart back from her. Now I'm still single. I couldn't let myself fall for anyone too early in life. So I don't even talk to her anymore. anyways: Idk if I've posted this already or not.
  9. #2 = Overpowered for obvious reasons. The rest seem fine.
  10. Gross, you're back to fRO.

  11. WELL - this girl probably wasn't the one you've seen. Her parents are tooooo strict.
  12. With the little sister? The little sister is 13.
  13. Yeah, they're nothing new. This is with her little sister in the far left.
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