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  • War of Emperium



    Year 2021 Update

    About War of Emperium
    War of Emperium is like it says, where you and your guild fight for supremacy over one of our two castles on Wednesday and Saturday 8pm to 9pm server time. We also have a European/Asian woe and a separate castle dedicated on Monday which takes place at 2pm to 3pm server time while Friday’s takes place at 10am to 11am server time. War of Emperium provides great fun and competitiveness for all those who join and participate with their guild, now come have a blast with us!



    Modified PvP Mechanics in War of Emperium
    •In War of Emperium there are several changes to the mechanics of PvP:
    •Flee is reduced by 20%.
    •Long range normal attacks are reduced by 25%. Long range skills are reduced by 40% (the same as all other skills).
    •All damage from skills is reduced by 40%. This reduction does not apply to Gloria Domini and Gravitational Field.
    •Hunter traps last 4 times as long.
    •Knock-back effects (including those caused by skills) are disabled in WoE.
    •Any equipment that prevents skills from being inturrupted (i.e. Phen Card, Orleans Uniform, Bloody Butterfly Card, etc.) will not work.
    •When entering a portal you will gain 5 seconds of invulnerability to all attacks. This invulnerability is lost once you move, use a skill, or use an item
    •/noctrl will not work. You must click and hold down your mouse button to continuously attack.
    •Fly wings will not work in WoE.
    •The amount of damage dealt or received is not shown.
    •/mineffect is automatically enabled (i.e. all effects will appear simplified).
    •Death will not result in any loss of EXP.
    Guilds and Party are only allowed to use 15 characters in total during WoE.
    • Using a sub-guild is forbidden.
    • Alliances between guilds are not allowed.
    • Rigging the outcome of the WoE is strictly prohibited.

    Disabled Skills in War of Emperium
    Thief [Backslide]
    Wizard [Ice Wall]
    High Priest [Basilica]
    Swordsman [Endure] this also applies to equipment and items which give the same effect (i.e. Eddga Card, anodyne, etc.)
    Acolyte [Teleport] this also applies to equipment and items which give the same effect (i.e. Creamy Card, fly wing, Warp Portal, etc.)
    Rogue [Snatch]
    Biochemist [Cultivate Plant]

    Remove the following skills when entering woe castles:

    All Resist Buffs
    Max HP Rate
    [From Battle Chant Skill]
    Max SP Rate [From Battle Chant Skill]
    Song of Lutie [From Clown Skill]
    Magic String [From Clown Skill]
    All Status Effect
    Increase Agility
    Increase Defense Rate 
    [From Battle Chant Skill or Any Skills that can boost defense]
    Increase Attack Rate [From Provoke or Battle Chant Skill]
    Increase Hit
    Increase Flee
    Mind Breaker

    No Debuffs during: Using Castle Flags and Urgent Call.

    Note: Candy Stats and Full Chemical Protection[FCP] Still Remain


    War of Emperium Schedule

    Wednesdays and Saturdays at 20:00:00 server time.
    Castles: Payon's Holy Shado and Geffen's Yesnelph

    Mondays at 14:00:00 server time.
    Fridays at 10:00:00 server time.
    Castles: Aldebaran's Wuerzburg and Neuschwanstein

    Tuesdays at 07:00:00 server time.
    Castles: Prontera's Gondul and Swanhild

    Sunday at 09:00:00 server time.
    Castle: Payon's Arbor

    War of Emperium 2.0 Schedule

    Fridays at 20:00:00 server time.
    Castle: Schwaltzvalt Guild Castle 2


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