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Newbie player here : Botting problem.

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Hi GMs and seniors player. 

I understand in various thread all will still giving the same answer of "Gepard Shield is now on, no Bots whatsoever". I still suspected few player in abyss_03 is indeed botting/macros etc. 

Casting LOV on empty ground with no monster, casting LOV on monsters even without gold acidus in vicinity, not responding to PM etc. 

I believe a lot of people has witnessed this type of player (lets be real, don't tell me this is "pro farmer" as I saw in other threads.

Do the Gepard shield updated to the most recent version ? hacker & botter will keep trying to bypass this. 

Thanks for the time reading this, so far I enjoyed playing fRO. It just that I got lonely playing solo all the time. T.T

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Not sure what happened, but suddenly there are a lot of players in abyss_03, summoning MVPs and all. But all those "frequent botters/micro users" are gone. 

I don't know if its related to this post, but Thank you very much to those who helps. Now we can farm fairly.  

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You can always do @request "message" whenever you see a player farming on such behavior so we can check. Thank you for letting us know about this. 

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