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NewBie For Sinx

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Hello, I really don't recommend building a SinX just yet if you are new since it can get really costly, BUT If you are stubborn enough here's the basic guide.


If you have Thanatos card you would want to build a Legendary Assassin Cross Dexterity Blade(Thanatos + TG + TG, Valkryrie Rangrids)  + Legendary Assassin Cross Loki's Infernal Dagger (2 TG + 2 MAO)

 TG = Turtle General , Mao = Mao Guai , you would need to have more than 1 wep in order to be effective, but just test your own set of cards what works and what doesnt, trial and error

If you do not have Thanatos card you would wanna build a critical build which would be Legendary Assassin Cross Critical Blade + Legendary Assassin Cross Fenrir's Feral Dagger ( cards 2 TG 2 Paper in both)

 under the Legendary Weapons category (Here;s the effect:)


The guide is 


For Cloak, Armor, Shoes, Helm. Use Vote(Vote points can be redeem in NPC) or the Original ones (100 tokens each in NPC) 

For Accessory, you always wanna get STR ones so you would build an STR gauntlet 

For cards, you would wanna get Tao Gunka(Armor)+ Ghostring(Armor), 2 Fallen Bishop card (boots), 2 skoll (cloak), 2 devilling (cloak), a mixture of skoll + deviling or skoll + raydric card, 2 raydric card(cloak), 

For helms, you can either use a card called Amadarias or if you cannot afford that yet use Seyron Windsor

Finally if you become one of the big boys SinX in game here's an awesome guild for Crit + Thanatos Card (The guide is mainly for breaking SinX) But it gives you an idea for item combination and set of cards to use to break/pvp(somewhat)

Disclaimer: I really recommend building a Wizard/Bio/Sniper First as they can be really useful in raids, mvps, and other things. Then along the way build your SinX slowly. 




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