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  1. New middle headgear suggestion effects +10 all stats enable use of level 10 grand cross one slot applicable to all jobs as per the looks anything
  2. so if martyr is used with a bow. and the enemy is in pneuma. will it miss? yes or no?
  3. NPC for stalkers plagiarize a NPC where they can select a skill that will be plagiarized
  4. there is no map where i can get hit by a mob who has martyr? because it is such a pain to ask someone to use martyr on you whenever u are dispelled.
  5. can we use martyr with bow on stalkers? will it be a longrange attack? where can we plagiarize martyr? do we have a mob that has that skill?
  6. how do they really work. the cards are working even tho I am not attacking them? ex. metaling/valk card/wickebine tres/stormyknight thank you in advance. peace
  7. WSc and Meltdown(shattering strike). does it work together?
  8. just asking if two dragoon wizard stack for footgear? cause im noticing in the guides that it is always d.wiz/amonra not double d.wiz. dwiz is better than amon ra right? and does fbh and goldenring stack?
  9. Do we need kiels to spam throw tomahawk? how many kiels? what is the element of throw tomahawk when you use it with Thors hammer? and does Turtle general affect damage of throw tomahawk? thank you
  10. do you need 3 kiels to spam this? and can you kindly post what weapon cards can increase its damage. and does fbh and goldenring stack?
  11. does anyone tried a flee type. this server is skill based. so maybe one +75 or +80 flee headg8ear will help. and spice things up. so that new builds and card combos will be viable like phreeoni weapons will be included in some builds
  12. how to change the color of vote valk helm? when i purchased the vote helm, it is indicated there that color can be change in game. thanks in advance. :) found it thanks. close this
  13. so how can i get a legendary weapon? thanks man
  14. good day. just want to ask if a baby sn can do the legendary weapon for sn quest? and do baby SN have extra stats here? new here. thank you for ur kindness
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