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  1. Fun facts about me: 1. I just recently got Forsaken RO to log on 2. I'm coming back to RO after an 8 year absence, and though I still strongly believe that G-Cross Pally is strongest Pally, I don't remember what gear I need, what cards I need, what skills I need, nor why it's supposedly the strongest or what it's used for. 3. I'm a Japanese web novel fan translator, primarily because I hate reading the vertical text in light novels, because I don't need to look up kanji by the radicals when I'm tling web novels, and because it's easy to browse through various web novels to find something interesting. 4. I'm trying to rope in all my translator friends to play with me.
  2. Thanks for the reply. Seems to be fine? http://puu.sh/hIXNY/1334d961fc.png
  3. Hi there. Please tell me off if I've misunderstood the rules and posted this in the wrong place. I can assure you that I did read the rules, and that I mean no harm though. Ahem. It's a typical 'failed to connect to server' problem, but I have no idea what's causing it. I'm not really tech competent, but I'll describe what I did. First I torrented the All-in-one and tried running the FRO patch, and then clicked start because nothing happened. I could not log in. I then made an exception in the firewall and tried it again, but it still wouldn't work. Wondering if I was just misunderstanding things, I downloaded the small patch, overwrote things in the client, and still could not log in. I repeated with the 3rd job patch, and could not log in. I then once more overwrote the current files with the small patch and tried again to not avail. Finally, wondering whether there was something I was doing wrong with the patch (nothing had happened thus far when I opened the patch), I downloaded an older version of the patch files from the forum, here: http://www.forsaken-ro.net/forum/topic/21835-manual-patch-guide/ and overwrote it. When I ran the patch, it patched just fine, but I still could not log in afterwards. So um, I'm at a loss. Anybody have any ideas? :X Edit: Oh! It's working!
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