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  1. ehmnn just skip that part then go to old girl and her child :) talk to them
  2. hi guys :) i need list of cheap cards for armors and weapons that i need to my 2 character Hw [ farming and pvp (sometimes) ] Sniper [ planning to build mvp type ] if u have additional advice go ahead :) thank you
  3. just type @warp pay_dun00 @warp pay_dun01 @warp lou_fild01 @warp for_fild05 @warp for_fild06
  4. at wizard farming where can i earn zeny fast and easy ? ( dung pass quest is really hard lol lot of material need )
  5. hi guys :D what class here is the Best class to hunt mvp , farming , and easy to build :D thanks in advance
  6. Ye hope we get that soon :) its big help for newbies Like me
  7. im stock at part V after talking to mischievous man 1 clone spawn and after killing that when i back to the king no mischievous man there >.< any one can help me ?
  8. ye im doin knight quest now :D hope everything will be alright soon :D
  9. hi guys :D im MistyBlaze , M1S†Y Looking For guild and Friends , i promise im active :D #forever alone T_T
  10. Hi guys just asking if i can use autoloot comm but i only will get chivarly emblem ? having problem with weight limit T_T im using wizard now >.< thanks =)
  11. Hi again any Guide for SinX crit type - armors , weapon and cards :) hope someone help me
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