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GM Applications Open!

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Starting in February, we're offering a new incentive program to increase GM activity! As many of you have noticed, most of our GMs tend to go inactive not long after becoming a staff member. Why is this? Because being a Game Master is a job, not just for fun. It requires a lot of time, effort, dedication and sacrifice. To recognize the dedication GMs put in and also to encourage activity, we are giving full GMs the option to receive a token salary on their legit character in exchange for their time and hard work as a Game Master.

The salary will be based on the amount of events hosted, as well as bot checks performed for that month. Below is the system:

25 events, 7 bot checks = 700 tokens*
40 events, 14 bot checks = 1,600 tokens*
55 events, 18 bot checks = 2,340 tokens*
70+ events, 21+ bot checks = 3,000 tokens*
* Reward quantities may change in the future; this is on a trial basis in the beginning.
From now on, all new GMs will be hired as Trial Game Masters, which will not initially receive a salary. Once a Trial GM proves their dedication, reliability, and trustworthiness, they will be promoted to a full Game Master and will then have the opportunity to earn a salary for their work. The amount of time it takes to be promoted will typically be a few months, though it can vary based on performance.
We're also opening up applications for new Trial Game Masters! Applications close on September 27, 2019. For more information about applying, please check the Applications topic. All applications should be sent to [email protected].
We hope these policy changes will allow our staff to better serve the community and provide a more fun and event-filled playing experience for everyone! ?

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